Russian Borzoi everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Russian Borzoi dog is a dog breed bred exclusively for hunting in the steppe zone. She has an extraordinary liveliness, sharpness, strength, and genuine anger in animals. From time immemorial it is believed that the main advantage of the Russian hounds have the speed and power of the throw. This is confirmed by the rapid pursuit of the beast and strong grip. The process of hunting with this type of dog can be alone and with a group, mostly on foot.

In appearance the Russian Greyhound has a harmonious noble and stately posture, which allows the dog smoothly and majestically move.

Mainly males have a height at withers from 70 cm to 82. As for females, they have a height of 65 inches to 77. In rare cases you can meet the big dogs that exceed the maximum size of 82 cm.

Affecting the shape of the head, it should be noted that all dogs of this breed are endowed with a narrow and long cranial bone. Muzzle meets the parameters of the head, she’s narrowed and elongated with a small hump on the nose. Lips always dry and tightly stretched on the jaw and nose, black in color with a pointed end.

The Russian canine teeth with the correct bite that resembles a pair of scissors.

Speaking of eyes, an important factor is dark brown in color, oval and close attachment to each other.

Dogs ears are very delicate, sharp, though stretched on the back with a high rise. When a Greyhound is excited, the ears go up the cartilage, and the ends are bulged to the fore.

The neck has no dewlap.

Back dogs of this breed is short, but forms a smooth curve when a long arc. A knot in the back is not so curved, however, the disadvantage is not considered. The characteristic feature of each Greyhound is a chest which has a flat slightly convex ribs. The stomach is almost not possible to see, as he carefully selected his groin.

Feet Russian Borzoi can safely envy. They have a straight shape without roundness. The hind limbs (legs) is much wider compared to front. The hips have a high elasticity with a long muscular bodies. Elbows always, without exception, have a rear direction without bending and inversions.

It is necessary to indicate that the dog is on the claws as her feet collect fingers.

The tail always distinguished the Russian dogs of other breeds. It is very thin and quite flexible, like the sword or hammer. In the moments when the dog is in repose, the tail is lowered.

The chic and beauty of wool is an essential attribute of the Russian Borzoi. Tremendous length, silky and waviness is the pride of the owners.

The colors considered to be: white, white with yellow tints, red, orange, with spots of gray tones, tiger. Ugly, and even vicious dogs are considered to be Russian greyhounds, with a black color.

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