Rules, techniques and secrets of fishing (spring-summer-autumn)

The catch of a fisherman depends on many important points, and sometimes minor, at first sight, trifles. In preparation for fishing every stage – from the selection of the reservoir to store caught fish.

The fishermen there are generally accepted rules which should adhere to. Before you go fishing you need to know the properties (depth, type of bottom, vegetation, etc.) of the selected pond. On this basis, to define the alleged species of fish that live in it. Fish differ not only in size, shapes, colors, and habits, taste. Each fish has its favorite menu. So Chub taken on all that he sees in the water (from the may beetle to currants and cherries), and pike and perch prefer live bait. One fish takes the bait gently, and the other swallows the «swoosh». So choose and prepare fishing equipment (fishing rods, hooks, floats, fishing line, lures, etc.) must be carefully that when fishing time to notice the bite and make a good cutting.

Each season has its own characteristics that should be taken into account in the preparation of fishing, and directly in the process.


In early spring fish, awakened by the inflow of the melt, oxygen-rich water coming out of the wintering holes and rushes to the shallows, bays and creeks, mouths of streams and rivers. In places it begins to bite fairly soon after removing ice and water lighting. In non-flowing lakes the bite starts a little later – the ice on them is longer. Hungry and exhausted after the winter she takes vigorously during all daylight hours for all possible bait, and best of all on the dung of the worm.

If you raise the water level in the reservoirs by the spring leash biting is getting worse and Vice versa. Cool weather helps fishing.

For fishing in early spring is better to use a bottom bait. In the middle of spring you can fish with a float rod, Gerlich. After spawning two weeks Jora and abundant fish, as a rule, rests, recovers slowly and reluctantly.


With the onset of summer the water is very well warmed, which leads to the active reproduction of aquatic vegetation, called the «bloom» of water. In summer, the fish goes into depth, to cool the springs, mouths of streams. To feed most of the fish goes to food-rich shallows, shoals, grassy bays and gulfs. At this time, the best bite is observed at sunrise and sunset.

The heat of the day is not conducive to the bite, with the exception of cloudy and rainy days when the fish can bite on perfectly all day long. The stock at present a variety of baits, the accumulation in water organisms, vegetation make the fish more selective. To improve fish use a variety of bait and bait that throw before fishing or during fishing. They can be flavored with various oils, odorous substances – oil of aniseed, Valerian, etc..

The bait takes in the fishing area with the help of special devices – slings, feeders or scatter by hand, rolling his balls with inviscid clay. When fishing is good in water to have a turbidity (pretravel), using a long pole or throwing handfuls of sand. Noticing the dregs, the fish begins to search for bait. In this period of the year used almost the entire Arsenal of fishing gear – with a float rod and a bottom feeder Predatory fish are caught on spinning tackle, mugs. Predator bite as peaceful fish, at dawn and evening.


In autumn «bloom» of water stops, the water becomes lighter, its temperature gradually decreases. The fish gathered in large flocks and go to deeper places of reservoirs. Before the frost most of the fish actively fed, gaining weight for the winter. White fish are biting well on bait – dung worm, maggots, bloodworms, etc. Most successful at this time, deep space, deep pools, pits. The bite usually continues as in the spring and during the daylight hours. In bad weather late autumn, the biting most fish (except cod) is terminated. The main fishing gear in autumn, float rod, feeder.

Also in the autumn there is an active biting of predatory fish on the imitation fish spinning. Among the various baits she gives preference to the bait. Among artificial lures more profitable heavy spoon lures, large lures. Very good catch brings fishing for predator, and in particular pike trolling. Exploit the pits and pools, drop offs at depth.

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