Rules for winter fishing

Avid fishermen go on a fishing trip in any weather, at any time of the year. But to boast of the catch with ice, may be the only one who understands the behavior of fish, the variety of gear and comply with the rules of conduct on the ice.

An important factor in determining the value of the catch is properly fitted gear. For winter fishing used rods with a length of not more than 1 meter from durable frost-resistant winter fishing line. To retrieve a large fish, use the gaff. Sitting on the ice without movement for a long time, so you should pack a winter fishing box with soft top and tent from the wind.

It is also desirable that the set of gear consisted of a rope the rope that the fisherman could have been saved in the case of falling under the ice. Definitely need to bring a thermos with boiling water, tea or coffee. From the drinking of alcoholic drinks should be avoided, as alcohol dulls vigilance, alertness and speed of reaction — the properties necessary for a safe stay on the ice.

The most comfortable temperature for winter fishing is the temperature from -5 to -10 degrees. The first ice appears on ponds when the air temperature is between 0 degrees and below. But remember that ice thickness is not always uniform. Thinner ice there, where there are strong currents and extreme depths. If some part is darker than the ice on the pond, this may indicate that this flow is underwater sources or depression. And, then, on this site you need to be especially careful and attentive. On whitish ice so it is necessary to tread with caution, since such ice may be loose and weak in structure.

You also need to pay attention to the clothes and shoes. Clothes are selected such as to not sweating and not freezing. In modern clothing market features a huge selection of costumes for fishing. But for winter fishing one of the basic things is a quality underwear. As for shoes, it is better to choose specialized footwear from a special membrane fabric that allows you to keep your feet warm and dry.

For successful winter fishing it is important to calculate for drilling wells. When you select the area, drill drill a few holes, at a distance from each other of 0.5 – 3 meters. The thickness of the ice in the drilled hole must be at least 10 cm.

Despite all the difficulties, winter fishing still has some advantages in comparison with summer. Becomes possible fishing in places that are unavailable in the warm season, and also appears the freedom to move away from the shore.

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