Rules for winter fishing, it is better one time to remember.

You have fully prepared the event called «fishing» and produced tooling and impatiently’ll find when you can recover at first ice.

However, it is worth to wait and not rush to go on thin ice, risking not only health, but also their own lives. In order for the fishing proved to be very successful, enough to observe a few rules that will help to result and not to fall into the icy water.

Do not rush on a fishing trip without first checking the strength of ice, the opinion of acquaintances who have already tried it, doesn’t mean anything. Your safety requires a thorough review of such data. Do not neglect another important tip, avoid the drill going first ice, pick ice pick. Maybe you won’t use it for cutting holes, but the thickness of the ice you can try.

Can easily break the ice a successfully, so don’t move on, otherwise you will find danger. Here follows, not taking the feet to move back without leaving their traces. Experienced fishermen advised to be particularly careful, moving like the old man, shuffling in weak ledco feet. Remember that you should not go fishing alone.

Know that many fishermen, because in some critical situations, virtually no one will help, so fishermen kept close to each other, without going out of sight. A compulsory element of winter fishing has to be pretty long rope, or the rope, therefore, more time is necessary to review the essential set of things, not forgetting about those important details.

Relying on the help of friends and companions, you need to remember that you should not only themselves at risk but also your friends. You need to take care of their own means of salvation, i.e. to have a so-called rescue service. This device of the two arms, which are comfortably in the palm of your hand, having a round or square shape, with one end have a built-in pin or plate, which are reduced on a cone.

The handles are joined together by a rope. This device is placed on the neck, such as gloves for children. If you fail pick stuck in the ice trying to find a foothold to climb out of a critical situation. Pick will help to get out of the hole where bare hands are impossible to get ahold of ice, this device can do yourself or buy in a specialty store.


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