Rules and secrets of fishing

In fishing their signs. Cherry blossoms – biting Chub, lilac blooms – is the biting roaches, rye spikes – biting bream.

Carp capricious fish. On the same day it is difficult to determine what is most preferred by the carp: the dawn bite on the worm, the afternoon bite on bloodworms in the evening for a bread crumb. Therefore, when fishing for carp it is better to have heterogeneous attachments.

It is not recommended to use bright, colorful floats, this is especially important in shallow water, careful they scare the big fish.

Hooks with a short forearm is better to use with vegetable bits. Nozzle disguises them well.

Consider the degree of water clarity and penetration of light into it. Light the nozzle used in twilight or in cloudy weather.

Do not leave without worms of the earth, and under the open sun

Avoid frills, flavoring plant tips aromatic substances. It frightens the fish.

Do not attempt to provide plant nozzles imitation of something that is living. Bait must naturally and slowly sink into the water, lying on the bottom or moving downstream. If the nozzle is at the bottom, it can be a bit of a stir.

Do not abuse foods. The lack of bite may be due to different reasons.

Pay attention to what flies or crawls near the water. This will help You not to remain without a nozzle.

Need to frequently change the water the bait fish and fingerlings, to prevent oxygen starvation.

Student eraser can be used to sweep spinners, if it faded.

Harvesting attachments need to be addressed before going fishing. Bait should be fresh, then the fish will bite harder.

When playing big fish, not bringing it 2 meters to the shore, you can muddy the waters. Because of turbidity the fish doesn’t see you and strongly resist will not. But this technique is possible if the shore is low.

When choosing a place of fishing should pay attention to the underwater and surface vegetation, bottom topography and performances.

If fishing takes place in snag place, then it is advisable to use a soft hook. If you experience hook the hook will unbend, and the fishing line will not break. This hook will withstand the fish of medium size.

Fishing line should be taut when the fish fish. Avoid sagging of the line.

The fine-pored foam is the best material for the float.

For catching of white bream, bream, roach good pen float. It is more sensitive.

Often fishing breaks the upper knee of the rod. If this happens, you should bandage the fracture. To each other strands laid tightly and pull tight. Before laying you need to put the pieces of wire (spring).

At the toe of the spinners should tighten the line, then sharply weaken it. Otrusina frees the fishing line spinner. This technique is used most often.

Never attempt in the conclusion to catch a big fish with a net, it needs to be fixed, and the fish make it.

At moderate cutting, if you use a thin fishing line, it is not recommended to use a coarse, thick hooks.

Ground rods do not use a thin line, it breaks when casting or cutting.

After fishing outfit hook a piece of foam or cambrica, it will not dull the hook.

When fishing with bottom fishing rods a large number of leads with hooks not always gives a positive result. To do throw such a set difficult.

If there is no garden, the fish folded in the grass. Do not wash the fish, this will lead to the removal of mucus, which protects the catch from drying out.

In gluhozime nibble fish, usually inactive, to fix this, you should reduce the size of the jigs used.

To prevent the holes from freezing, use sunflower oil, in quantity of one spoon pour into it. The smell of oil may be of interest to the individual fish. Also in the hole you can sprinkle chopped dry grass or hay that will not let it be covered with ice.

To preserve the taste of fish is not recommended to leave on ice until the end of fishing. Better to lay down the catch in a backpack or drawer, this will prevent the fish from peremerzaniya.

In winter it is better to use spinners and jigs with a hook, which cut down the beard. With such a fish hook is removed faster.

When playing trophy winter thin fishing line may break. Not to miss out on fish by using the successfully inclined, you can cut down prilosec, a kind of tray that goes in the hole. Dragged along the tray easier to get the trophy.


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