Ruff is a freshwater fish of the perch family, found throughout the waters of Northern Asia and Europe. Ruff lives in rivers, ponds and lakes, preferring a sandy or gravel bottom near the coast. Appearance ruff quite remarkable. It has a very prickly rough body with very fine, closely set to each other scales. His back is painted in a gray-green color with small black spots, flanks are slightly lighter yellow, and the abdomen is gray-white. Coloration ruff, saturation, depends on the environment. Where sandy bottom and light water, ruff coloration will be more bright. When staying in waters with a muddy and dark water, in the presence of the muddy bottom from ruff observed dark shades. Ruff needs to be visible and to attract a minimum of attention. This will help him to escape from larger fish and not to become their prey, and successfully prey on small fish. Ruff – bottom fish and predatory, so he gladly eats animal food: fish, alien eggs, larvae, benthic crustaceans. Does not shun ruff and some aquatic vegetation. His favorite places is a different waterworks, for example, piles, rafts, bridges, dams. And, of course, ruff is always near the bottom. His element is dark, slightly warm water, all sorts of pits and bottom pits. Not afraid of ruff and bottom currents, skillfully hiding the flow of water for all kinds of stones, driftwood and the like. Based on their preferences, and should catch a boilermaker.

Ruff starts good to be caught after the spring flood. Once the water will enter the coast you can safely go fishing. It was during this period the fish are biting very actively, especially in the morning and afternoon. In summer, perch are caught in the morning and evening. During this period he lead a sedentary life. Closer to the fall this fish gathers in large flocks that the fishermen should take note. Good catches are different and fall fly fishing ruffs, and in winter it is the main object of fishing any angler.

You should know that ruff is always kept at the very bottom, almost touching his belly, and so the head should also touch the bottom or not to reach a maximum of 4 see the fact that ruff fish is very lazy, and unlikely to be attracted by floating it on top of the bait. Predatory fish swallows the bait very deep. Usually catch perch on the dung-worm, bloodworm or part of a worm. If fishing is in still water, then use a fishing rod with a float. Rivers do without float gear because the fish are actively biting and sharp. Usually use light and long rod, light line and small hook with a long stem. It is believed that when fishing for perch do not need much wisdom. This is true, but fishing the ruff does not become uninteresting, on the contrary, the correct tackle and tactics will bring great catch ruff.

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