Ruff — small spool, but expensive

Found in the rivers and lakes to fish, enjoys special respect in humans. It is ruff.

Respect his taste characteristics. Ear of it – the top of bliss for foodies.

The ubiquitous little fish called the river dragon king – fish, the host, blue-eyed and different. All of these nicknames talking about the recognition of ruff, no one above them is not mocked.

Ruff reaches a length of ten centimeters, its weight is just over 20 grams.

There’s this «tiny» in the depths, because he does not like sunlight. Pits and clay bottom, steep banks, mill place, too, is a good home for ruff.

This fish is gregarious, although sitting mostly in one place, but in the pack. Very rare in winter and during spawning can migrate. Spawning at ruff occurs in late spring.

Ruff in food includes insect larvae, worms, alien eggs. Last meal says that ruff can bring great harm in the question of fish farming. The fact that it is omnivorous, apparently, helped him to resist and they have spread in almost all water bodies. In some small ponds live only one ruffs.

In winter, the ruff is caught on a float and jig. At the beginning of winter and at the end of it you can look at the small place, he is not afraid of the cold. In the middle of winter to find the ruff you need in the pits at depth, the bottom there should be sandy or clayey.

Loves ruff manure worms, and all fish loved the bloodworms. Suitable for him, any attachment to the hook. To catch a big perch, you must immediately use a few of the moths, small enough to be Ersu rings thereof bloodworms.

Ruff is not considered to be Moody fish but need for business to adhere to a certain thickness of fishing line and hooks No. 3. Mormyshka need to take the average, because it quickly plunges into the water. The form of the better spinners in the form of droplets, the color it is necessary to choose dark.

Need to knock the lure three times on the bottom and then slowly lift it up. Smoothly because ruff is attacked rapidly, so often misses.

Ruff, though swiftly enough food, lazy food so he needs to bring to the mouth. He took the food may temporarily remain stationary, so the bite is noticeable. Will help only to the good and sensitive nod.

When the float disappears from the eye, and nod stoop down, so it’s bite, and the bite is real.

Then will come the time for sweeps. Hooking should, without delay, without delay, to pull the fish to the surface and on the ice, otherwise you’ll have to get the hook from the belly of a ruff.

Pull the hook from the jaws ruff hard. First, the fish will spread all of their spines, second, swallow it deep.

What to do in this case? You need to click on the gills with your fingers. The fish opens his mouth. We must act carefully to save your hands from fish spines. That can hurt more.

While fishing for perch can be caught gudgeon, and Dace.

The opinion of fishermen on bait disperses. But if you have the opportunity and desire, you can try to lure ruff, sometimes it works. Just remember that the ruff is found at the bottom, so the bait needs to be with clay, otherwise it is up to the fish will not come. You can try to freeze the bait with a stone, she too will quickly find a fish.

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