Rods for spinning

All the spinning , sooner or later, begin to look at by carbon fiber rods with the inscription «Corbon». They are relatively inexpensive, and ordinary model can afford many.

Those who first come into the store to buy plug-in carbon fiber rod is almost always lost. Dazzled by number of firms, names, episodes…

Of course, the sellers advise and prompt. But, unfortunately, competent is among them is very small, and it often happens that you have bought is not what I would like to see in their hands. So I decided to share my experience and observations.

We will consider a fairly ordinary model with a price tag of 30-60. E.

First on our list is the fishing-rod Salmo firms, Blue Diamond — model, which for years present on the market. One of my partners got caught with this rod 5 seasons and was quite pleased. Have glued the handle, but pretty good quality (very little loss of segments). In the process of operation, not a backlash at the junction of the knees, which is good news. However, there is a backlash in the reel seat. You have to place a piece of rubber. The stated test 10-20 m, really think of it as 7-18 G. Ring Sic.

The second rod also firms Salmo Diamond. A very old model, but fully justified. With the form of «kilowatt» stick is a miniature fishing rod with a system of medium-slow, which is very noteworthy, as it is and irreplaceable in many situations. The only negative, which appeared after three years of operation, a backlash in the reel seat.

And last the fishing-rod Salmo firms that participated in our test. These rods really are worth every penny, and experienced anglers often prefer them to all others.

Supreme ultra. The stated test — 10-23 g, can be reduced to 3-15 g. Although at 20-gram baits the rod behaves with dignity at the cost of 10 rings, which will distribute the load equally around the mounting rod. The Kevlar braid. Glued the handle is also of good quality.

Next, rate the rod company Cabela’s, model Journey Grail. This model is a bit «falls» out of our range, as it costs about 130. is. But still there are people who are interested in such models. The power of the rod, written on letterhead, 8-12 Lb. This means that this model can be safely put fishing line with a breaking load of 4-6 kg (1 Lb = 0.454 kg). Test 10-21 g (3/8-3/4 oz, 1 oz = 28 g). Although in practice the range can be extended to 7-18, medium-fast. One-piece handle. Rings Sic (extruded aluminum oxide). Yet throughout the 3 seasons of «sins» to find almost failed.

Now the firm Cottus. These rods need to pay tribute models are inexpensive and sturdy. Cottus Magnum. The great name — standard test 10-30 g (real — 5-15 m). It is roughly similar to Salmo Diamond, however, during the operation there was a very bad moment in the scroll of the rings relative to each other and the backlash in the reel seat (3 years).

There are still two noble fishing-rod Shimano. You can combine them. Catana and Nexeve. You can tell immediately that Nexeve listed above Catana (and the more expensive it is), the performance in both cases is good. In order Catana medium-slow, in contrast to the pure medium Nexeve. Handle glued, pretty good quality, and occasionally drop small segments which can be glued with regular cork from wine. Backlash and prokrashivania was observed.


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