In gossip oval body that is compressed laterally. All his body is covered with small scales. The fins are small, truncated form. Form of the anal fin slovyanochka. Color of scales depends directly on the pond dwelling fish. Some of it has bright coloring. Other scales have a pale color. The back of the fish is painted in dark green on the sides the coloration is shiny and slightly silver in color, with the belly almost white.

The fins on the back and tail are greenish-gray with a reddish tinge on the breast fins are very transparent, pelvic fins and anal – pink. On the iris of eye Golden-yellow color is the red dot.

Roach is found in fresh water almost the entire territory of Europe, Siberia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. On the territory of Ukraine she lives in all lakes, rivers and reservoirs. In rivers it is kept away from strong currents, prefers backwaters, backwaters with aquatic vegetation. However, she tries to avoid dense vegetation. In the lakes in most cases it lives in the shallows where the water warms up more. Wetlands and mudflats ponds roach escapes, which are often observed Zamora, and the mountain river she escapes.

Eating the roach is the vegetation, although she is not squeamish and animal food. For example, before the construction of the Kremenchug reservoir, located on the middle reaches of the Dnieper, roach fed on higher aquatic plants, their seeds and filamentous algae. Animal food was of minor importance. Larvae of roach after dissolve the gall bag, ingest rotifers, insect larvae, crustaceans and algae. Juveniles of roach with dimensions of 1.5-10 cm eats a variety of algae, soft higher vegetation, crustaceans, small bloodworms. Adults feed on in the main part of the higher algae, higher aquatic plants, clams and bloodworms. Secondary place in the diet of adult roach takes insect larvae, crustaceans, water mites, worms, and other organisms. In different reservoirs, where dwells the roach, its power is slightly different depending on the flora and fauna of this reservoir.

After a winter roach goes in shallow water and when the water temperature reaches 8 degrees, spawning begins. The optimum water temperature for spawning is 10-12 degrees. During spawning roach gather in flocks and depart quiet areas with dense vegetation in coastal waters. Spawning takes place quite rapidly. During spawning games in calm weather, is heard the splash of water. Males during spawning covered by pearl rash, then it disappears. Caviar fish lays at last year’s vegetation, the roots of willows and other plants. The spawning flow is not available or speed is not more than 0.2-0.3 m/sec.

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