Roach fishing on mormyshka in the winter

Fishing plotui on mormyshku

To catch a roach can be in almost any body of water. In addition, it is also a good bite throughout the year – the exception may be only the period of frost. Despite the fact that the roach is not true for the predatory fish when fly fishing in winter is very good to use the jig.

The choice of location for catching roach in winter

Fish behavior varies depending on the season, and the right choice of location ensures the success of fishing in General.

1. Pergolide.

The first two to three weeks after the formation of ice, the roach are biting very actively is the best time for winter fishing. You can find her at these places:

  • various bottom irregularities (slopes, edge), where the depth does not exceed 2 metres;
  • overgrown vegetation;
  • piles of driftwood;
  • underwater rivers and streams.

2. In the middle of winter.

The decrease in water temperature leads to a decrease of oxygen in it, and the fish starts to look for places where it is higher. Roach moves into the lower layers of the water and held in pits, places where there is current. The best weather for fishing is the period of the thaw, with a stable pressure. In gluhozime fish is lethargic, does not respond well to bait.

3. The end of winter.

With the approach of spring of a roach starts feeding period that precedes the spawning period. Fish are actively feeding in and out of deep places. You can find her:

• in the places of confluence of melt water;

• in the channel flowing into pond rivers and streams;

• on small sites near the shore.

Tackle for catching roach in winter

The bulk of the roach is a small fish weighing 150-300 g. in the Winter its bite is weak, so the tackle used the most subtle and sensitive.

  1. Conventional rod, short intended for winter fishing. Fit a simple «balalaika» that comes with the coil.
  2. Coil any special requirements for it. You can catch on a normal motoviltse.
  3. Nod sensitive, the stiffness depends on the weight of the nozzle. Length – from 4 to 8 cm
  4. Fishing line should be thin and minimally visible in the water. if the bite is mostly small roach, then its diameter 0.1-0.12 mm At possible instances of bites 400-500 grams should put a monofilament in the 0,14-0,16 mm. And if the pond there are trophy fish, the main fishing line is thickness of 0.18 mm or more. When fishing at great depth, when using heavy lures, fishing line is large diameter.

Choice baits for catching roach

The lure is artificial bait which consists of bodies of various shapes and soldered the hook. They are divided into two types:

• purpose – used bait;

• besttelki (baitless) – the fish bite the hook without bait, responding only to the game of bait.

Now there are plenty of jigs in different colors, sizes and shapes. The choice of the nozzle depends largely on the conditions of fishing activity and fish. The most productive baits for catching roach in winter, have the following characteristics.

1. Material:

• tungsten is the most hard lures used for fishing in deep and in places over;

• tin is the lightest, suitable for shallow waters;

• lead – the most versatile and frequently used lures.

2. Size – to 4 mm. The value of the spinner depend largely on the activity of the fish, the worse the bite, the smaller the bait used.

3. The color depends on the weather and the mood of the fish, therefore, is selected in practice in the process of fishing.

General guidelines:

• color of the spinner should match the color of the feed, so I often used black, dark green, dark brown and gray lures. Fish is good bait, natural color of brass, copper, lead.

• at great depth (4 metres) you can try light nozzles and copper-colored, yellowish and reddish shades. Bright lures are perfect for cloudy weather;

• fishing at a considerable depth (8-9 meters) are well manifested bait with a phosphor coating;

4. The most efficient model:

  • pellet;
  • features;
  • the larva;
  • drop;
  • ant;
  • Ural.

What lure to use different winter periods

Fish behavior depends largely on weather conditions which affect her preferences in terms of lures.

1. The beginning of winter. The fish is very active and takes on various types of jigs. Fit figure, ant, Ural, etc Best colors – black, green, purple. Would be useful to have both besttelki and with a planting jig – the benefits of roaches may change, so the angler must be prepared.

2. Gluhozime. The most difficult period for fishing, the fish are inactive, lethargic, does not respond well to baits, especially big ones. So you should catch on jig with a planting of the smallest size.

3. The end of winter. Roach aktiviziruyutsya, but remain catchability bait small and medium size. It is best to use the goat, the devil and the ant.

Improvement of jigs

A distinctive feature of the spinners is an opportunity to improve the bait, making the gear more efficient. There are several good techniques:

• Fishing for big roach lures should be painted with clear nail Polish that contains glitter. Particularly well suited for bait «ant», but you can experiment with other jigs.

• Foregrip can be mounted antennae are made of strands of black and red colors. Length of antennae, 5 mm. This will give the bait great similarity with the insect.

• Hooks jigs easy to decorate with colorful beads and kembrikom that are easy to change in the process of fishing, selecting the best combination of colors.

• Fishermen often take a few colored markers – they can be used to repaint the bait directly on the pond.

Bait and bait

Bait. In winter to entice the fish will help complementary feeding holes. For roach you need to make the bait so that it dissolved a little before the bottom, creating a murky cloud of nutrient in the water column.

The main components of the mixture:

— dried milk;

— breadcrumbs;

— semolina;

— bran;

— wheat cereal;

bait (bloodworm, maggot, etc.)

At small depth the bait is tossed into the hole by hand. If fishing occurs at depths greater than 4 meters, it is necessary to use a bait feeder, revealing her in the bottom.

Bait. In winter, roach, and other fish, prefer high-calorie foods mainly of animal origin.

Mostly in winter when fishing on mormyshka is used infusion bloodworms, maggots, larvae burdock moth, caddis, pieces of red manure worm. In rare cases, when the fish refuses to take the bait animal, trying to catch bread and dough.

Ways to play a jig

A distinctive feature of fishing on mormyshka – the fish react to the bait, and in its movement. Therefore, fishing success depends on the ability of the fishermen to attract the attention of game fish the right bait.

There are several variants of the technique of the jig:

1. The easiest way is to lower the jig to the bottom, gently raise 5 to 10 cm and slowly lower. Such movements need to be repeated up to 10 minutes. If no bites, then you should move to another hole, and back to this after a while.

2. The game is down. Roach often react to a falling bait. Lowering tackle with the speed drop bloodworms in the water. When lowering the spinners need to pause and make it small fluctuations in the water imitating the movement of live larvae.

3. If the roach is kept near the bottom, then you need to alternate the small climbs spinners tapping the lure on the ground and pauses. Thus, rises on a small troubled cloud, which attracts fish.

With a spoon, it is useful to experiment by combining different techniques of the game. The length of the pauses, hesitation, speed and height of the lure are selected directly during catching and depend on many factors such as weather, time of fishing, the fish activity etc.

Advice fishermen to increase catch:

• Newcomers whose playing technique is not perfect, it is better to catch to the jig with a planting of bloodworm or maggots.

• Roach – schooling fish, so if he started biting, we can move on to besttelki.

• When fishing on basmatic above the jig can be tied a small hook on a short leash with bait that will attract fish.

• You should be different types of jigs, selecting the most productive in the fishing process.

• When using lures of different weights are required to bring 2-3 of nod adequate stiffness.

Roach fishing on mormyshka in the winter is more interesting than the bobber. Success depends primarily on the ability of the fisherman and it requires constant engagement. In addition, trolling, unlike the other gear, it is possible to catch small roach, and a really big specimen.

Video about catching small fry

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