Rifles with folding trunks. The most common failure and Troubleshooting

Today we decided to talk about popular types of faulty rifles with folding trunks, and how to fix them. Sometimes this can happen when the cartridges are very tightly inserted into the chamber. The answer to this is very simple, the cartridges do not wish to go into the chamber due to the fact that they swell from the wet atmosphere or moisture in the liner. To solve this problem quickly, you will need to hold the swollen ammunition through the calibration ring. In some cases it can cause severe swelling of the shell casings of cartridges, respectively, they did not want to go through the calibration ring, in this case, you need to be using the knife to remove one or more layers of paper, then hold the ammunition through the calibration ring. With this problem you should be able to cope very quickly, as there are no difficult tasks that require certain skills or extensive training.

Sometimes it happens when after the shot comes off the head sleeve, and she paper tube stuck in the chamber. In most cases, remaining in the chamber part of the paper sleeve without any problems removed with the help of a finger. If the sleeve its particular part was in the barrel, then the finger to get it you can’t. For this task you will need a special extractor, however, it is almost every hunter. The extractor consists of three small wheels. The extractor is introduced into the chamber so that all the wheels were connected to each other, then made a smooth rotation in any direction. A similar process should be carried out before until the wheel completely clears and gets into the paper tube. Then just pull the extractor on, and after a while you will be able to get the shell casing out of the barrel.

Today, there are several varieties of applicants, but, in the opinion of professionals more convenient and popular extractor there is an option in the form of a hook. This extractor you without any problems can create yourself. For this you will need copper or brass wire of a thickness not exceeding six millimeters. The head of the extractor should come out in the form of a hook, which can also be assigned to the barbs or crochet fishing hook. In principle, there is nothing complicated. On the sides a hook have to be flat, but in the main part you need to take him down to become sharp. Rod hook, we recommend that you leave in the length of no more than twenty centimeters on the other side of the hook should be make the ring that you will be able to stick your finger without any difficulty to eject the shell. Remember that to use such extractor is not so simple, first you will need to suffer, but after a few extractions you will be able to get used to, and the process will be much faster.

If you have stuck tight cartridge in the chamber the weapon, then the first thing you should try to get hold of his hand. In fact, it will be very difficult to do, especially in cases when most of the cartridge is in the barrel. Often to get the cartridge by hand is not possible, in this case, you can not do without a special extractor, which is also called conventional extractor. You need the extractor to grab the rim of the sleeve and then pull to remove the cartridge from the chamber. Sometimes this fails, when the cartridge firmly stuck in the chamber. Of course, there is a solution and in this case, for this purpose, the cleaning rod, which knocked out the cartridge.

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