Rifles Merkel 2000, 2001, 2002, their characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Double-barreled shotguns have paired vertically trunks (Bockgewehre). These guns have earned a lot of popularity among fans of good hunting weapons. Due to the fact that the manufacturer has the opportunity to make constructive changes, they can satisfy the most different customers.

The usage of rifles of this type showed that, despite all the variety of weapons for hunting, it is a double-barreled gun with vertical coaxial shafts, ultimately, remain the most popular among hunters.

Without a doubt we can say that boktoberfest in an universal sport-hunting is that it is a necessity to fans of bench shooting on flying saucers, and hunters who only improve their shooting skills. Besides, if you buy an additional one or two replaceable barrel, then get the perfect outfit for this hunt.

Shotguns smooth bore Boktoberfest have a standard version will have one or two triggers. Sometimes the kit includes one trigger and switch the order of shots.

The guns have rifled barrels — Bamboccianti and Bondability, and shotguns combined equipped with interchangeable barrels — can accommodate up to two trigger. The front trigger at the same time serves as the controller of the descent.

On each block trunks are the appropriate fit for the sight.

Shotgun Boktoberfest, and interchangeable barrels to a matte sighting bar. It may be solid or ventilated with pearl front sight, and some trunks have high fly.

Rifle, equipped with a combined stem — and-Bamboccioni, as well as interchangeable barrels, they provide a matte sighting bar and plate folding adjustable entirely from the front, pearl front sight.

Rifled guns — Bondability, and interchangeable barrels for them at the request of the consumer can have adjustable mother of pearl front sight and a standing rear sight mounted on a separate base or sighting saddle solid bar and permanent rear sight with pearl front sight adjustable.

When installed on the gun optical sight the above sights can be completely replaced.

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