Rifles for hunting «the Bear» features,advantages and disadvantages

Self-loading carbine «Bear», designed for hunting, cooldown at the expense of the powder gases, which are derived through the barrel. First, it is designed for shooting large beast paleovolcano a hollow-point bullet, at a distance of 300 meters. Recently carbines at the «Izhmash» is made for the cartridge 7.62 x 51, although I was for 9 x 53. The first variation of the carbine «Medved» was held in 1961, chambered for 9 x 53. In 1963, a «Bear» caliber 9mm got mass production, and until 1975 it was produced in two versions – «Bear» and «Bear-2». From 1975 to the present time, will debut serial «Medved-3», 7.62 mm, cartridge 7, 62 x 51. Also, along with this rifle produced «Bear-4» with this kind of calibre of 7,62 mm.

Caliber 9 mm, «Bear», used for hunting, was produced at Izhmash, starting in 1965 and ending in 1975. It was produced under the hunting cartridge 9 x 53 mm with jacketed hollow-point bullet, which weighs 15 g.

In addition to the optical sight and accessories, carabiner weighs no more than 3.3 kg, and length — 1100 mm. «Bear» is quite simple in structure, and is dependable in his work. A particular advantage is good accuracy weapons. Taking part in the International Leipzig fair, he was awarded the gold medal and diploma in 1965.

«Bear-2» – the name of the self-loading hunting rifle, whose caliber 9 mm cartridge 9 x 53, and the bullet paleobotany, which weighs 15 g. was Produced in the same years on the «Izhmash», as the first «Bear», but has a significant difference: the newer model has the removable magazine holds 3 rounds, arranged in a single row. This kit includes 3 MAGAZIN. Possible delivery not only fourfold, but the six-time sight.

Since 1976, the Izhmash small batches produced «Medved-3, self-loading carbine for hunting 7.62 x 51, for paleovolcanic bullets that weighed about 9.7, and Has minor differences compared to the predecessors: the caliber was smaller – from 9 mm to 7.62 mm. The weight of the rifle slightly increased to 3.4 kg, and the removable magazine holds 4 rounds, which are arranged in one row. Muzzle brake it is possible to replace the order for the flash Hider. The carabiner allows you to use the open optics – scope fourfold, and sixfold. Otherwise, the modification is not particularly changed.

The most recent version of «Bear-4» also has the 7.62 for hunting cartridge with poluobnazhennoy a bullet that weighs about 9.7 g. Significant differences from previous versions is not, however, the carbine has a store where 4 rounds are staggered.

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