Rifle Winchester 97 M12 and their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Shotgun Winchester M12 is a very common weapon in the USA. For a very long time this rifle was the most popular and well-known weapon in the class of pump action shotguns. However, in Russia this gun for a long time remained unknown, because at that time when she was at the peak of popularity in America, in Russia examples of this shotgun imported very little. And when administrative barriers were removed with the fall of the iron curtain, Winchester M12 has ceased to produce. At the moment the company is Winchester no longer produces his famous shotgun, but small amounts of this weapon in the firm, Browning Arms. Although produced mainly like pump action shotguns with a caliber smaller than the twelfth.

A brief history of the Winchester M12

The first sample store pump gun brand Winchester was released back in 1893 a great gunsmith Browning. But it so happened that the gun was not the most successful. Accordingly, the first model of a large distribution and is not received. However, Browning did not abandon their ambitions. And after 4 years, the world saw the Model 97 is the first successful pump-action shotgun Browning. We can say that it was a kind of revolution in the field of smoothbore hunting rifles, because the Model 97 was almost the only pump-action repeating shotgun of the type in the US market at that time.

And I must say that the «audience» took this gun very well. In fact, the gun laid an entire class of weapons, which until today is considered the favorite among residents of the United States. So, the new pump mnoGoSearch quickly pushed double-barreled shotguns. Right after capturing the hearts of North Americans.

By the way, the previous version of the Winchester model 1887 — had the mechanics on the principle staples Henry. And this gun was produced only 10-gauge. And small batches. And even upgrading from 1901, a special role is not played. This design has remained a lot of collectors and a small number of fans. And failed to turn over the market of shotguns, as did the pump action shotguns from Winchester. Although, of course, as for rifles, the lever system in America was very popular. But lever shotguns somehow has not developed.

The Model 97 continued until 50-ies. And during this time managed to produce about a million of these pump-action shotguns. Say a few words about the design features of the Model 97. One of the interesting things — the trigger is opened, it is possible to do without special preservatives. Swinging larvae provided the circuit by blocking reverse movement of the shutter. While to reload, it was necessary first to submit the handguard slightly forward. And after that you could already do the classic «distortion» — back and forth. Spent casing was ejected into the side. And USM was not equipped with a disconnector that made the shot while holding the hook and at the time of movement of the forearm. By the way, the trunk in the original version of the gun was inalienable. Though soon released version is removed from the barrel, which eventually became the «standard». I must say also that the barrel was joined to the box with the pie thread. And could be turned off directly with the store. It was quite convenient transportation. However, the modern option would be to disable just the trunk alone. As for sights, it was only a fly without straps for aiming.

Also, I must say that a lot of shotguns model 97 arrived in Russia before the revolution of 1917. The gun was popular among domestic hunters, due to the high quality and ease of use.

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