Rifle Sauer 202 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The Sauer 202 rifle is a popular weapon among many hunters, who are characterized by their high accuracy. The gun was created using the latest achievements in the field of hunting rifle, so it is one of the best deals in the world market.

Sauer has repeated manual recharge is a big plus in favor of the gun. The trigger may be of conventional, adjustable and double. A significant advantage is the standardization of units of this weapon. You can change the whole caliber as a whole or separate parts, thus the repair and replacement of worn items will not be a big problem for the owner.

Additional amenities include an outdoor scope is installed on most modern hunting weapons. The possibility of using an optical sight for shotguns, it increases the effective firing range and precision of battle. To Sauer offers a number of other accessories that enhance the features of the use of weapons. The possibility of using the guns left-handed and left-change option.

Some differences

The main concept of creating a piece – constant and accurate combat, stable design Sauer. Gunsmiths have produced the rifle in such a way as to eliminate the effect of fluctuations in the wood on the accuracy when firing from the gun.

The gun had improved the working mechanism. The slide and barrel have a strong connection, and it completely eliminates the impact on the accuracy of the powder gases. The shutter has a small stroke length, and received from the manufacturer a lightweight firing pin, it works much faster to recharge.

The gun is a converted guard and a trigger, the weapons have become simpler and easier. The safety button protects cocked the gun from accidental discharge and a red stripe on the button after turning off the fuse, speaks of readiness to fire.

The design of the gun is made so that the hunter could quickly disassemble it in case of need for cleaning. All items are quickly separated from the overall design, and the owner will not have problems with this issue. The bed is very ergonomic, it is made of nice wood and has a pistol grip.

Overall, this is a very handy and versatile gun. Sauer has ergonomic design and excellent technical characteristics, so that the gun can provide a good and interesting process of hunting.

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