Rifle Remington 700 VS SF its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Multicharged rifle manufacturer Remington made in the USA. Does not lose its effectiveness as in the middle distance, and at great distances. A weapon designed for the use of the optical sight. On the receiver there is a special socket.


Type of weapon — the rifle repeating

The cartridge caliber — 308 Win

Type store detachable box and

Capacity to five and one cartridge in the chamber

The barrel is 660 mm

The total length is 1160 mm

The mass of weapons — 2800 m

Made of corrosion resistant steel. The barrel and the receiver processed protivosokowoe mix for surfaces. Six longitudinal grooves give the weapon increased lateral stiffness, reduced weight and better heat sink.

When locking the barrel longitudinally-sliding bolt is moved by two lugs, providing high-quality recharge. Blocks the striker — fuse, which is located at the end of the bolt. In a quick shop arranged in two rows of ammunition, reloading is possible from a clip.

Black Kevlar, which is made of the stock and butt is considered a durable synthetic material that has found application in the manufacture of bulletproof vests. To strengthen the Kevlar part of the added fiberglass. Whole kit and the mechanisms are assembled on a solid frame of aluminum alloy. Such things are introduced to enhance durability, reliability, and to prevent loosening of the barrel during operation of the Remington rifle in adverse conditions.

A parallel example of a trunk equipped with a top comb, reduces toss the barrel, thereby improving accuracy in contact. Recoil pad-absorber located at the end of the buttstock and is equipped with a notch of hard rubber.

Increased strength, strict form and lack of ornamentation, is the hallmark of the Remington rifle. Hallmark, which indicates that this weapon is designed for everyday use in the most extreme conditions.

Carabine Remington 700 VS SF is designed specifically for hunting big game. The price of weapons is low, if you take into account its specificity. Fast reload and match barrel make it possible to hunt even in extreme conditions. The reliability of carbine — the merit of modern materials and safe design.

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