Rifle IZH-41 and its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Rifle IZH-41 and its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

This is a hunting double-barreled shotgun with dual barrels horizontal type appeared in the walls of the Mechanical plant in 1982. The originality of the mechanism and the simplicity of all the structural elements give him some advantages in comparison with other widely used models.

The sequence of shots from both barrels is determined by the trigger mechanism of the generic type provided with shutter hooks. A trigger, located in front first the shot from the barrel to the right, and the rear hook from the left barrel. Different picture in the second shot, it can be done, as in the first shot, and it is possible for the second hook. With this design feature, the trigger mechanism, to combine advantages and exclude disadvantages of hunting rifles with a single hook universal type, and with two simple hooks.

Coil spring which works on two guns, actuates the mechanism that discharges the casings. Spent cartridges are ejected automatically, and upon receipt of ammunition by hand, secured their nomination from the trunk to a distance of 8 millimeters. Much higher safety measures when using the rifle, namely, a double locked gun barrels, whispered blocked by a guard in automatic mode, and also caught chicken.

The gun is paired in a horizontal position the individual trunks. The tube shafts are assembled with the coupling hole have an additional pin mount, and lower spike strips. First sighting (top) strap twisted front sight, and the bottom strap in the middle has a device for attaching a shoulder strap. For clips of the forearm strut is provided with a tooth, which is soldered between the strip and breech coupling. The connection of guns with box made using two special hooks, swivel OST harvested stem and locking mechanism. Hooks the trunks are in the clutch (bottom) and located in a special boxed grooves.

Rifle IZH-41 and its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

A trickle of detachable type, mounted on front of lever latch. The latch and hinged construction have a mount with three screws which are placed in special grooves in the forearm. The connecting rod is pressed into the hole in the box, and outside are closed with plugs. Giver her the upper ledge is situated in the middle groove of the rod ejector. The Cam tabs have the interaction with the left and right wzwodem devices in hinged window.

Installation swadeshi device is held on the axle box grooves of longitudinal type, and they are provided with axles which are used for construction Kurkov. The trunks have a double locking mechanism with the locking strap of the type which is cut-outs on the receiver hooks in their stops. Lever axle locking device is installed in the bottom of the hole and has a connecting projection of the cylindrical type, which is in the groove of the bar. The locking arm has a mount which sits on top of the box.

The installation of the fuse is held in a longitudinal groove of bottom shank. Spring plate type bent-holders is fixed by the pin of the safety device. From the bottom plate installation of the left and right strikers that have the same design. The composition smartly include elements such as: directly the firing pin, spring and screw type, bushing and stopper. In order to carry out preventive work with smartly its disassembly and Assembly is performed using two holes and a stopper.

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