Rifle Elk 7 and its modifications, features, advantages and disadvantages

A hunting rifle is used in common 7.62. As the projectile being used, the cartridge 7,62×51, bullet weight is 9.7 grams.

The carbine was a replacement for the Elk-4, previously produced. The reason for the changes is the unification of two kindred rulers Moose » and «bars», produced by the Izhevsk factory. Many companies are trying to unify their similar patterns and perform them for as many similar parts to use.

Two series of carbines produced by the plant at a time and replaced each other in the sale. In the result the model could not fully meet the needs of customers, and it’s always satisfactory to the manufacturer.

The plant has decided to unify the two models, having the opportunity to release them on the same line and not to changeover. If you compare several generations of series, bars-1 and Elk-4 was standardized only 18 percent – in fact, almost every weapon requires a permanent change hardware settings. New generation series of bars-4 and Elk-7, got the unification of 85 percent, which is almost the same guns, slightly different in its detail.

After several years of production, the factory began to receive complaints from customers regarding the fuse. Detail for the inclusion of this element did very little. As a result, the hunters was difficult to quickly switch the fuse in the field, particularly large problems arise in the winter. The plant returned to time-tested «check box», it provides an extremely fast switching device.

Buyers have expressed a desire to change the type of the store device. Built-in shop took away the time on a new charge, so to make it detachable, for 4 rounds. The rifle comes with extra magazine, his equip in advance and use for a quick reload. The manufacturer installed the open knife-like a fly, it is much more comfortable when aiming. After the upgrade, the rifle began to produce under the name Los-7-1.

Appeared on the market a powerful analogue carbine chambered for 9,3h64 – Moose-9-1. He has developed more than 30 years ago, but for a long time was in demand. Now this carabiner can be used for specific types of hunting.

The kit provides shop, oiler, cleaning rod and additional funds placed in a special pencil case.

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