Rifle Blaser 93 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting is an innate sense of man given to him by biology or perhaps nature. We are not as fast and strong as the main hunters in the animal world, but are endowed with reason and technical skill that sometimes even more important than the above qualities.

From the history of mankind is find out what technical innovations were originally created for hunting and for military purposes. Interesting fact that the establishment and improvement of multi-charged weapons was based on the military units.

In 1993, after a study of all the demands of consumers for hunting guns, was created by repeating rifles Blaser R 93 (blazer R-93). The unit is equipped with a longitudinally sliding gate and is perfect for your favorite things.

Release the blazer R-93 made a big splash among understanding people. This easily confirms the huge number of awards received in many countries. R-93 is a new step in front of among the techniques for hunting.

Positive features of the Blaser R 93:

1. As mentioned above, the first positive feature is longitudinal-a sliding shutter.

2. The weapon has a very convenient recharging system, where the process is in position for firing.

3. A high rate of accuracy.

4. The barrel blazer R-93 is set so as not to touch the wood of the Lodge.

5. A reliable system arming.

6. The unit is very easy to carry in the state of nevzgodina, it quickly becomes ready to fire due to the feed forward gate-voditelya.

7. Very easy to use. You will need a few workouts to learn the gun and learn.

8. The reliability of all individual components Blaser R 93. The function of the shutter is resistant to contamination and wear. Durability.

9. High resistance to loads. The shutter can withstand even heavy loads of gas.

10. A great trigger. The weapon has a precision shutter release device by which the producers refused to shneller, reliable to use.

11. The gun has a matte surface that is coated with a special layer. This layer prevents scratches and corrosion.

12. Blaser R 93 is one of the most versatile hunting rifles. You can change the caliber simply and effortlessly from 222 Rem up to 415 Rem Mag. Quickly enough there is a change of trunks after a single adjustment, even without a test fire. The unit can be used in any season, any terrain, including mountain, and even abroad.

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