Rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Model small-bore rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik has long been known in the hunting world and managed to win popularity among consumers. Reliability, simplicity, and cheapness of ammunition attract these weapons are not only hunters but shooters and simple enthusiasts.

Rifle or hunting rifle BI-7-2ko was created by specialists of the plant «Izhmash» on the basis of the sports of biathlon rifles. The rifle is intended for hunting small game and birds. From its predecessor, the rifle received high precision, reliability, ease of use, fast reload and accuracy. To the store BI-7-2ko fits 5 rounds. Shooter using open sights, can hit from distances of 25 and 75 meters.

Model BI-7-2 TO Basik initially has no mechanical sight, and is designed to further installing an optical sight. For this purpose, the weapon is fitted with a rail mount for optics (type weaver rail mount). This bracket is easily adjustable for mounting any type of optical sight.

Rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

The model of the rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik was initially focused on the foreign buyer, as a result the weapon has a box with pistol grip and plastic butt plate. All wooden parts are made of high quality birch. The carbine has a lever type fuse, which is easily moved to the desired position. Store the box is located on the bottom and barely visible on the weapon. Rifle is excellent in the hands, has great balance and prekladatele. Weight of carbine without optical sight installed, is 3.5 kg. are used When firing cartridges of caliber of 5,6 mm. 22LR).

Hunters praise the rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik for its reliability, the softness of descent and accuracy. The cross-section dispersion of bullets when weapons testing is not more than 25 mm. the reload Speed of rifles is so high that is not inferior to semi-automatic weapons. But the low recoil and ease of movement of the shutter make this weapon not only rapid but also accurate. The main market for the model of the rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik is United States, and that is where this weapon was the most popular. Domestic hunters unfairly overlook these beautiful specimens of weapons. Currently the situation has changed and, considering the ratio quality-price, hunting rifle BI-7-2 TO Basik actively conquering the CIS market.

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