Rifle bars-4 (and its modifications, features, advantages and disadvantages

Hunting rifle bars-4 is a beautiful and quite nice body. This gun is easy to learn, although it has great similarities with the «big brother» called «Los-7».

If you compare this unit with others, the current shotguns made in Russia, the bars-4 is a great location of the Lodge (birch, walnut or beech) to the metal. This lightweight rifle has a relevant weight and easy to use.

Domestic gun designed for fifth rounds, 6h39, and the bullet has good accuracy, of about 200 metres.

With the Bars — 4 you can safely go on the hunt for big bird and beast, of medium size. If you’re a fan of artisanal mining, the type of grouse or squirrels, to these weapons, you can purchase a special adapter cartridge chamber that can be used under the cartridge ring of ignition.

Bars-4 presents fuse «reverse» type, which is quite common in Europe, the front position is safe, back is fire.

A nice plus is that the bars-4 is possible to install optical sights (fourfold) of type-4 and 4h34 and others. The mechanical sight range of 100 or 300 meters, the Assembly provides firing with mechanical sight, while it is possible to remove the optical.

From the trigger device «bars-4» it is possible to adjust the nature of the descent, effort, and speed trigger.

Recommendations and some tips if You do decide to re install the scope:

First decide if you are going to use more staff, then start the adjustment with the cartridges ring of ignition is not necessary.

Take note that not all cartridges can go, well 5, 6h16 from «Sniper», as well as 5 and 6h39 party B-02-97.

Main features:

— weight of this rifle is three pounds;

— length of the gun about 1030 millimeters;

— the size of the barrel 600 mm

— maximum range is around 300 meters;

— ammunition supply: removable magazine for 5 rounds.

To use a Soviet store hunting rifle bars-4 can be used under different weather conditions and at temperatures from minus 40 degree cold, to plus 50 degrees.

There are modifications of the «bars-4»:

— TO-5, 6-60

— «Bars-4»

— «Bars — 4 — 1»

— «Bars — 233»

All kinds of different types of cartridges and other characteristics.

Summarizing, we can say that the national rifle bars-4 is a great gun, suitable for hunting large animals and birds of medium size. In Russia, the carbon goes as civilian weapons, and in Kazakhstan adopted by some military units.

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