Review of the Browning AB3 rifle its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Recently popular company «Browning» has given the latest development at the international exhibition of SHOT-2014. The exhibition rifle got its own unique index of the AB3, the developers have provided it on display as a weapon, which in itself contains all necessary parameters and quality at a low price. AB3 rifle in any case can not be attributed to the type of the budget version, this variant of the weapon qualities can easily outrun its not the weakest competitors. Representatives of the company «Browning» stated the important point that the rifle was designed exclusively focusing on accuracy when shooting, also was developed an individual design, a variety of additions to the rifle, and very high ergonomics when fired. Positive indicators are actually a big amount, so we now decided to become more closely acquainted with them.

In fact it turned out that this weapon is not compromise the quality of selected materials in the design and low build quality, which is intended exclusively for novice hunters. Weapons of the AB3 does not equate to the above parameters, which are in fact extremely low, this product is made in the middle segment, where the rifle can compete with the more popular representatives, for example it may be a Mossberg ATR or Remington-783. Experts in the field of weapons can give a rough estimate given the weapons and to understand what we compare.

The company decided to first release a rifle in four different variants caliber: 300 Wines. MAG. (7.62×67), 30-06 Springfield (7,62h63), 7 mm Remington Magnum (7 x 63), atakzhe270 Winchester (7h64 mm.). Accordingly now, you can immediately detect that the weapon can instantly gain a high popularity, as everyone will be able to choose a more suitable caliber to fit your needs.

Now let’s move on to the review of the rifle and its appearance. The rifle barrel was made by all the standards that were used in the most popular models of rifles manufacturer Browning. Production has to occur in a mass scale using the latest innovative technologies, and in this regard, the company has not lost the quality of products in production, but also could reduce the cost of the rifle. Each rifle is made the mandatory testing for the detection of defects, because the company cherishes its reputation by card and don’t want to lose her. In General, we know that each rifle is triple check, such check is not in any company which is engaged in the production of hunting rifles. The chamber is manufactured by experts by hand, they carry out precise drilling, and then check it on the special equipment. The trunk can be attributed to the type of free-floating, and in accordance with this type, possible, to achieve maximum accuracy. At the end of the barrel held the flame arrester, which aims to protect the muzzle from damage.

Stress trigger is in the range from 1.59 to 2.01 kilograms. But in the instance that the producers decided to put forward to the exhibition, the value of the trigger was in a slightly higher range. It turned out that the move is smooth, precise click that is felt when compressing. Has long been for anybody not a secret that control the trigger in the implementation of the shot is perhaps the most important mistake most hunters, in particular, this applies to newcomers.

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