Review of the Beretta gun and the a391 Xtrema2 Camo Realtree Hardwoods its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Today we decided to do a little review of the gun, which was called Beretta and the a391 Xtrema2 Camo Realtree Hardwoods. Just wanted to draw attention to the limits of the receiver, this rifle they made in a rounded shape and go perfectly with a set butt. From what we can identify that the hunter can quickly aim and take a shot. I would also like to pay attention to the balance, in this rifle it was done by experts perfect, the gun is light and maneuverable turning. It is possible to identify that the new model received a thin trickle, and a new example that fits perfectly into the overall design. The stock and handguard to this rifle was made of ultra strong and durable fiberglass, which previously was hard technopolymer, and weapons, respectively is protected from possible scratches, and the buttstock and forend is comfortable and pleasant to the touch, while the weapon is in the winter. In the scope of the sample, and also streams had additional extension that is a plastic insert. In adverse weather, such a weapon would be very comfortable to manage, and in the shots there is the ability to absorb a variety of vibrations.

In the production of steel of the barrel, experts have produced it from within chrome, and the upper surface during manufacture for a start, is burnishing, in which is applied a special coating designed to combat corrosion. The receiver has an identical coating designed for corrosion protection and are made from black anodized aluminum material. All metal parts of the rifle were coated with a special protective coating called Aqua Tek.

The weapons set brand new patented system called KICK-OFF®, which is designed to reduce recoil when firing this weapon. Thanks to the above system can easily approve the fact that all the energy created by the impact, gradually begins to dissipate, and this contributes to two hydraulic absorber that operate in the oil and inserted directly into the sample. This system has already started to gain its popularity and has a large number of positive reviews, both from professional hunters and beginners, because the comfort with the system at a high level.

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