Review of shotgun MP 153 its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Hunt is a very complex and difficult process. The main problem for many hunters is that ducks can fly on the lake in small groups, so there is no possibility to open full fire on several birds. This is the main disadvantage of the classical design of the gun with one or two barrels. But if you use the MP 153, it will be able to shoot the entire shop game, because this model applies to semi-automatic class.


The gun is equipped with a system of recharge, based on the powder gases. The chamber 76 mm type «Magmum», can be used for cartridges calibre 12 76, 70 and 67 mm Weight fractions, which may be in the cartridge, is at least 24 grams, but not more than 52.

This model uses gas regulator, put it directly into the camera. Due to this happening a full refund of the difference of ammo used for shooting, reduces the impact of external factors on the gun, including high or low temperatures.

To arms offers a replacement for narrowing down the barrel, screwed them inside. If you compare with many other models, these elements do not spoil the appearance of the gun, it can be noted as one of the benefits of their use. Standard contractions are 1 mm, 0.5 or 0.25. Additionally, many stores sell narrowing with lengthening, they are 0,75, 1,25, you can find other models.

If we talk about the battle, he located on a fine level. The gun has a high density and accuracy, conducted a number of tests are pretty standard distance for shooting a gun is about 35 meters. This gives the advantage to the hunter and increases the accuracy of lesion production. Do not forget that even in the case of a miss, the hunter is always in stock a few repeated shots.

Polochak wasn’t the best performance of thickening, but in comparison with other data, it doesn’t look a big problem. For shooting at long distances, you can put the contraction at 0.5, this will give better the result of the shooting.

Narrowing of 1 mm more effective for hunting on the lake game. It gives high accuracy shot up to 66 percent, therefore, increases the chance of hitting with the first shot.

The pros

MP 153 has a small impact, most impact force kompensiruet overweight gun. Additionally it features high-quality battle is universal and can operate even with not the highest quality ammo.

Nice and smooth lines bring a real aesthetic pleasure, and the nozzle of the barrel allow you to change settings shooting. Unlike many foreign counterparts, this model has a more attractive price.


Of course, there are minor flaws, which can severely annoy the hunter. Though the build quality is quite high, but in almost every instance you can find small flaws. However, they are not always visible and under the gun it’s easy to adapt.

Imperfect form of the arm and boxes, thick lines, may not like some hunters. Clipper to store is not provided, so that recharging takes time. You have to hold the shutter with the same hand as the gun and cartridge to insert the second hand. Not very convenient, especially remembering the fact that guns are used for hunting game.

Of course, all the disadvantages are not significant and they can be used. MP 153 has a weight of about 3.6 pounds, this allows to use this model out of hiding. Low recoil and high accuracy will certainly please many hunters who chose this model!

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