Review of popular air rifles, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Since the release of the first air rifle IZH-38 With this type of weapon has evolved considerably and today, for Amateurs and professionals hunting shooting released a sufficient number of high-quality and modern air rifles. The main positive qualities of such weapons is a spring-piston system that allows you to use the energy of compressed air when shooting. Air rifle quickly gained popularity among hunters in recent years dramatically increased the demand for this type of weapon and increased the range of products offered in gun shops. Unlike firearms, air rifles are allowed to shoot year round, it is possible to use Pneumatics, not only hunting, but also to enhance the skills of performing shots. This weapon of course can not be called universal, but it copes well with the tasks and shows a good result.

There are 4 types of air rifles:

•Pneumatics using liquefied gas;


•Compression pneumatic weapons;

•Pneumatics at air cartridges.

Air rifle liquefied gas hunting is not used, and all other types of successfully used. Spring-piston pneumatic does not require permission to purchase and use such rifles on the beast, of course, will not go, but small game at any time of the year you can shoot.

One of the air models is widely distributed among hunters is the rifle Mr-512. The weapon has a low price and proven quality. For safe use, the design includes automatic fuse. The safety button is located next to the trigger. Hidden sight allows you to adjust the image horizontally and vertically.

Air rifle IZH-61 is suitable for beginners, its design is quite simple, allows you to make some changes and improvements in the mechanism. The distance to the target with such weapons should not exceed 10-15 meters.

Vyatka weapons factory «the Hammer» has released a pretty interesting pneumatic model VPO-512 PCA-M, which is popularly referred to as simply «POPs.» A weapon similar to a submachine gun Shpagina. Fighting mechanisms Pneumatics simple, don’t require a lot of time studying, yet are reliable and practical.

Air rifle Gamo Hunter 440 is a single shot weapon with a turning barrel. With that rifle hunters don’t need to change gas cylinders. The shot power is average velocity equal to 305 m/s and muzzle energy of 18.5 j. Another similar model Gamo Hunter 1250 is a powerful BB gun with a rifled barrel. The rifle features increased accuracy, the design has a hard spring and increased volume of the air cylinder. Also, you can manually adjust the stroke length and the descent special screw.

Air rifle Hatsan 70 Magic Wood is used in most cases, when target shooting. The model is available with a rifled barrel, manual and automatic fuse, and a sealed optical-fiber front sight.

Model Diana 34 Classic Professional increased power. This weapon is meant for hunting. On the rifle you can set optical sight, as there are no traditional sights. Design air rifle unpretentious, made with high quality and is durable. Example of a wooden trigger a match type.

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