Review of modern plastics for the production of knives

In this article we decided to consider the types of heavy-duty and absolutely unique plastic that manufacturers are nowadays used for the manufacture of knives. Already for anybody not a secret that in connection with new developments, plastics in our time began to take a lot of popularity, this is not to say that the product characteristics are low, quite the opposite.

The first thing we decided to consider carbon fiber called CarbonFibre, very often it is also called G-10, but it two different ways and between them have specific differences. In the G-10 is used to manufacture fiberglass, and CarbonFibreuglevolokno, which in most cases is intertwined with the method of weaving can be attributed to wise way. After weaving, this plastic can be impregnated with epoxy resin.

In General, the carbon fiber contains a very thin and small particles are fibers that reach no more than 0.1 mm in diameter. Fibers are a in most cases, carbon atoms. Carbon atoms are located throughout the fiber axis and are in microscopic crystals. The FRP sheets contain several thousand carbon fibers which constitute the long thread. This structure gives the material very high strength, while the appearance of the products can truly be called unusual.

The dies, which are necessary for works of surface-mounted, often made from carbon fiber. For this type of work applies GlassFilledNylon (GFN) or FiberglassReinforcedNylon. In fact, these two materials are almost identical to each other, which have their basis in large part of plastic, wherein the plastic is exposed to glass fibre reinforcement. For the production of handles in large quantities, this material can lead to one of the cheapest and therefore most of the large companies, used in the manufacture of this material. It is worth noting the fact that the handle is made from FRN, has an incredible strength. The material has a bit more flexibility in relation to G-10, therefore the majority of experts refer this material to rough and hard type, although this fact only gives the positive aspects of higher resistance to shock loads.

Now let’s move on to the review, plastic, G-10, which currently has a huge popularity among manufacturers, but also among the Amateurs and collectors of knife products. G-10 is fiberglass, which is based on fiberglass and treated with epoxy. Material G-10 has a number of preferred characteristics in terms of durability, this material can not be attributed to fuel and has a high moisture resistance. A great advantage of this material is that it can be painted in several layers, and it doesn’t matter what color the manufacturer chooses. During manufacture of the handle from material G-10, when there is the finish work, the surface may be a little dim, but otherwise it is question to solve is very simple, you just have to wipe the handle with oil.

Grivory may be something to remind us Zytel, since the composition of these materials is almost identical. In General, the positive aspects of the material Grivory, you can say a few words, and therefore this material is able to withstand high temperatures and has a low sensitivity to various impact loads.

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