Reveal the secrets of how to find hare in winter and summer

Reveal the secrets of how to find hare in winter and summer

The hunting of the hare is the most popular in our country among all kinds of animal hunting. In most regions, used for hunting hounds, especially chemotroph or early spring.

Until there is enough snow, to chase the hare is not recommended, because dogs just refuse to work in such difficult conditions. A successful hunt can be in the late autumn in shallow snow during the thaw.

When hunting, you must go early in the morning. First, the hunters let the dogs loose, constantly encouraging them to work most effectively animals. The hunters are moving the chain at a certain distance from each other in places, which I hope to catch the hare.

There are a couple of simple rules of choice of hunting white guy loves damp places, and Trotter – open and dry land. During the thaw, hares prefer to stay in an open area, because in the forest they are concerned about drops.

The main thing – it is not recommended to look for a hare from year to year in the same place. Belyakov and trotters never linger in one place, and the chances of a successful hunt in the area where you hunted last year, not very high.

A simple search rules hare: in wet years we should look at high and dry places, and dry in the mud. This rule works in almost all cases, and helps to increase the chances of success of a hunt.


Hunting with hounds takes place on the first snow or chemotroph. Disturbed by the approach of the hounds, the hare is not in a hurry to hide and some time circling around the place of his bed. This is a great chance for the hunter and it is crucial to use it while the hare does not began to run.

Hunting «in userco» takes place in late autumn or during spring thaw when snow cover is absent, and the hare has managed to slip away. It can be clearly seen from a distance in the fall, usually a small white dot in the dark of the earth. The hare lies firmly pressed against the ground, so let the hunter on a distance shot. Shoot the rabbit right in prone, coming up to the required distance and good aim.


Trotter quickly rushes to escape at the approach of hounds, he uses the highways for trapping traces and tries to free himself from the dogs, ran through the nearest populated point. This behaviour is used by hunters, they are the positions of roads and farms, and then shot suddenly ran out of a rabbit.

You can hunt hares by tracking, the best conditions for this occur with the first snowfall, but will have to carefully unravel numerous traces to search for the hare.

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