Requirements to the boat when fishing for catfish on Kwok

Requirements to the boat when fishing for catfish on Kwok

With this article we begin a series dedicated to catching catfish in Kwok. We consider all to the smallest detail. So let’s start…

What are the requirements for the boat? The boat needs to be reliable. If it’s metal, so you should choose the place where you prefer to reside, in order to place gear, easy to get to the water by Kwok and observe the reading of the sounder. Such a place, namely the Board (metal boat), be sure to shumoizolyatory. To the Board inside the boat to stick tightly or to fasten a piece of dense rubber or foam to avoid unnecessary noise.

In General, a metal boat is the carrier of a variety of noises. Therefore, in the boat, this applies to all types and bouncy, must be perfect order and silence. During Kvacany in any case should not be extraneous noise. Should work with just the sound of Kwok. Because the extra sound mixes with the sound of Kwok and alarming soma, and you are unlikely to catch a good trophy. In a boat good to fish together, but to talk too. Oarlocks need to be oiled so they don’t creak. As it is impossible to beat oars in the water, the oars must work gently, almost without noise.

Fishing techniques in the boat together is easy and relaxed, much worse one. One fisherman operates the oars and watching the readings of the echo sounder to continuously be at the desired depth. While he has his own tackle, it’s a shame to be the «engine» and not participate in fishing. Another fisherman has a tackle while running the Kwok. But back to the question: SILENCE! Even if you caught a catfish on this site, do it silently, because on this site may not be the one som. If you nasonite, then this place will have to go back a couple of hours. This will be loss of precious time.

As for the rubber boats. They are certainly comfortable, almost silently. But still extremely dangerous to be fishing. All the danger lies in the fact that they are inflatable. In these boats it is necessary to fish very carefully. Fish fish should be worked out with a jeweler’s precision. This process needs to work more at home. We must not forget that you came out to hunt the largest and strongest fish that can exceed you in size and strength. It is you, standing on the ground, «king», and on the water you are in another Kingdom, and we must not forget.

On an inflatable boat you can not afford the soma close to the Board. Fishing takes place on hooks or tees, which often peep out from the mouth of the fish. Also the catfish has a pair of sharp spines on the fins, which he can also proporti the side of the boat. There were many sad cases on this subject. So be careful and ready for any surprises. To avoid them, salatniki invented the so-called «swab», I’ll talk about it later.

Reliability rubber boats is the material from which it is made. I have an inflatable boat company «Adamant». Has a five-layer material. The reliability of this material, I checked his workshop on the patch taken from the zip. First test: I tried to patch the puncture with an awl, was pleased with the result. Hole it was delayed. To break such material is extremely difficult, he also is not afraid of gasoline, which is also very important. Therefore, I recommend to have a boat from such material.

In a rubber boat to fish one better, because there is usually little space for two fishermen. I, as an experienced sometime, it’s funny to watch when in a small boat sat a few «fishermen», over the water posted chatter, hubbub, while one is working with Kwok and others tell each other different stories. A fishing and behavior need to completely eliminate! A rubber boat is required to have a separate bench and water sail if you fish alone. You should not use the inflatable boat, which has from time to time to pump. Because it is not fishing, and full of suffering. Think, will agree with every fisherman. Of course, it is very difficult to sit quietly and not chat with his colleague in such interesting activities. For this advance, think of gestures that you will be understood without further explanation. What should be a bench for the boat?? You ask, then we will know it…


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