Repeating shotgun MP-133, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

If you never had to meet a shotgun MP-133, but have the desire to become better acquainted, then we recommend you to read this article, as at present we speak about this model gun. As the name implies, MP-133 is a smooth-bore repeating shotgun, which also manufacturers decided to install rechargeable handguard. Actually, about this rifle there are many different rumors from hunters, some praise, and some of them to the contrary Express their negative opinion. Although, according to experts in the field of weapons, and in particular hunting, they’ll take the MP-133 and comfortable and most importantly reliable weapons that do not have to apply only on the hunt, it can also be used for self-defense or protection. Experts, but rather developers release this shotgun chambered in 12/89, respectively, can reveal the point that it is fully functional with the palette under bullets twelve-gauge, for example it may begin from and end 12/89 12/89. Produced this model as well under the cartridge chamber seven and six-tenths centimeters.

You can immediately restore a positive thing that the clutch stopper along the barrel is able to provide maximum strength and durability in the circuit, and during the shots from the gun held the stem of the unloading.

If you’ve paid attention to the gun, then you probably were able to determine that the receiver was made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy. The interesting thing is the trigger mechanism, hammer type and looks like a separate node, which had previously been equipped with a special system of prevention.

Let us now analyze a little prevention system, and also know that it in itself contains. When the gate is locked is not actually locked, but it does not know the shooter, then the protection system. Also there is a special lock that prohibits arbitrary opening of the shutter until after the shot. There is also a special protection system that is regulated by a fuse, which is aimed at blocking the trigger, of course, it has its disadvantage, it is not an automatic.

In the construction shown the gun there is also a special switch protivootecona, which you can use to make an extract having sent into the chamber the cartridge. As we have already mentioned, in this model, the gun has several modifications. The barrel length of 61 cm, and ending 75 centimeters are produced, including a special ventilated strap, barrels given guns are subjected to plating. If it comes to an individual order, then vented rib may appear on short stems, but it all depends directly on the customer. The shop is made tubular, under-barrel and has a completely unique system that is designed to cut-off rounds when the notification occurs. Of course if necessary it is possible without any problems to hold the increase in capacity and this will require an extension cord.

Under-barrel shotgun MP-133 is currently being conducted just a few modifications, which are now we decided to talk. For shooting steel or lead shot are made modern muzzle attachments, but the attachments which have a reinforced choke (XF) is used exclusively for shooting steel shot.

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