Repair guns and proper care for them

The gun is a well-known mechanism that has a high degree of reliability. A hunting rifle is designed to transmit the will of the arrow a considerable distance. No matter how durable and reliable it was not the weapon for a certain period of time breaks down and to fix it in our country, is not so easy to find a good specialist. Faulty guns can be serious and ordinary. If you saw that on the gun barrel there was swelling, some of those weapons to make shots is extremely dangerous. When shooting the barrel may rupture and cause serious injury to the hunter. Defective gun not allowed to use, and even to keep it at home. Take care of timely repairs in advance of need contacting to the experts.

During long-term storage without the use of a gun, it can cause cracks or chips. This happens due to the adverse weapon to corrosion, moisture or temperature. Inspect the gun to identify the malfunction, because in some cases the weapon may change its characteristics. Wooden parts of the rifle can be strengthened by using screws or adhesive tape. These materials are used in the case if the tree has a small damage. To cut some parts of the gun, or change the design strictly forbidden, while checking this gun confiscated and impose a fine.

From the serviceability of the trigger depends the safety of the gun. Weapons at any time can shoot yourself and injure the hunter or his colleagues. First and foremost, a gun must be cleaned and lubricated all the internal and external surface areas. If the failure is not eliminated, it is necessary to refer to the weapons specialist. Independently conduct further repairs are dangerous.

Often while using guns in hunting, for example, traces are formed from bumps or scratches. Such marks clearly visible, not even the most scrutinizing. When repairing butt and forend wood used walnut wood, which has the necessary rigidity and lightness, has properties to resist the strong recoil. First soak the wood with linseed oil or paraffin, and then subjected to coating of varnish for greater resistance to various damage.

If you are unable to determine the cause of failure, refrain from further use of the rifle and contact the gunsmith.

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