Red setter – everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

The breed was developed in the mid-18th century in Ireland. The exact origin of the red setter is still unknown. Based on the conducted literature analysis it can be concluded that the basis for the creation of this breed was served as some varieties of cops.

In Russia red setter was introduced in the mid 19th century, he acclimatized well, and today is very common in Ukraine.

A lot of rumors that characterize the red setter method is not the best dog for training. We are constantly told that he’s too temperamental, difficult to train. But all of these rumors were dispelled by the work of professional breeders-hunters who were able to locate the breed to training and now the red setters start to work like other cops.

The height of dogs of this breed is 58-65 cm, females less than 3 cm Has a strong Constitution, proportionally built. Agile and energetic temperament, loyal to the owner, to strangers be treated with distrust.

Has a monochromatic color color teknokratene. Sometimes there are white spots on the head, the chest or fingers.

Wool is thick, straight, medium length. The hair on the head and front of the legs, less dense than on the whole body.

Between the fingers and crumbs on the feet wool methodone. Digressing a little from the base of the tail the hair is long, thick and gradually to the tip eroding. When the content in the indoor environment the undercoat is missing.

Red setter – everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Red setter has strong bones, well developed musculature.

Muzzle, elongated, until the end of the nose is slightly blunted in females the end of the muzzle has a more acute form.

Eyes of medium size, are oval in shape, dark brown color.

Neck rather short, dry Constitution with powerful muscles, from above slightly convex in males, in females the bulge is missing.

The withers are pronounced and males are significantly protrudes over the back. Back straight, with powerful muscles. The abdomen is carefully chosen.

Hind legs wide apart, tibia has an oblique arrangement, pronounced hock. The front legs are strong and muscular character, the shoulders with well developed muscles. Elbows pressed against his chest.

The paws are medium in size, oval in shape, with the fingers clenched.

The tail is set high thicker at the base and tapering to the tip, agile, saber forms.

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