Recommendations how to protect yourself from animal diseases on the hunt

To prevent or eliminate any disease, you must:

carefully follow the personal hygiene;

the meat of wild animals to consume only after checking for the suitability of appropriate health care services;

for the disposal of dead animals take a special place (the burial);

hold regular events for the disinfection of agricultural tools, and domestic animals, and for the destruction of stray dogs, cats and other animals;

keep inaccessible to Pets toilets and restrooms.

Let’s take a look at a number of dangerous diseases that are found not only in humans but also in animals, the latter of which are often their carriers.


Most often the infectious agents of anthrax are animals, poisoned by infected food, or water, contaminated by industrial enterprises. Rapid spread of acute febrile illness contribute to lie on the ground dead. Infection of humans occurs most often through the skin. The first contact of the bacilli formed a small knot, then it bursts, and then next to it there are other bubbles. The disease is accompanied by high fever.

To protect against anthrax will help the hygiene and sanitary activities.


This disease is transmitted through saliva by the bite of infected animals. A symptom of rabies bite animals and birds become violent irritability. The weak form is manifested by difficulty swallowing food. Further develops paralysis that leads to death. Bitten people must undergo a course of vaccinations.


Source of tuberculosis are different mycobacteria. People usually become infected from sick animals, the external environment in which they were in, from animal products.


Often a carrier of brucellosis is the usual rabbits, so when processing it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene.


The sources of the disease – bloodsucking insects, small rodents. Involvement of lymph nodes, lungs, spleen manifested by symptoms such as headache, lethargy, nausea.


Psittacosis is most often seen in birds. Symptoms – the clouding of the pupils, drooping eyelids, purulent masses from nostrils.

The above disease, which can easily get infected by animals, birds, and people, and even fish, this is only a small part of all existing in nature. Toxoplasmosis, fascioliasis, difillobotrioz, triennales and other disease agents which are all the same rot, lying on the ground, the corpses of sick animals and mammals, the larvae of the parasite, is very insidious and dangerous to the environment.

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