Recommendations how to preserve meat hunting

In order to correctly preserve meat during the cold period, first of all, it needs to be frozen. To do this, be sure to hang separated meat (carcass) for a couple of hours outdoors, or indoors, but the main rule is notablemente this area. Store meat product at a low temperature, but not below minus 20 degrees. At lower levels the quality of products may deteriorate.

With the onset of spring, warm weather conditions, the best solution is to pickle the meat. Best of all, if this will happen in special barrels or barrel, but in the absence of data containers the meat pickle in the dry way. But remember that with this method the product is of inferior quality, more salty and hard.

Dry method of salting meat:

The first thing you need chopped meat, preferably with an axe. Pieces should be no more than two pounds. Then from all sides carefully RUB salt under room 1 or 2. There is a certain proportion for this method is: for every 10 pounds should take about 1 kilogram of salt.

Then place the finished pieces in a cool room for 4-5 days, it is best if they will be on the shield from the tree. After the carcass is hung in a cellar or cellar for further storage.

Method of salting meat in barrels or casks:

For this type of clogging is necessary to prepare special corned beef mixed method Ambassador. Next, one kilogram of this mixture is optionally added to 100 grams of garlic. Before that, the garlic peel and pound.

After this, take a barrel and covered with salt mixture. The thickness of the layer should be not more than one centimeter. On top of densely compacted meat, with each slice a little sprinkle with salt.

As soon as the barrel gets full, it is covered with a thin cloth and put into a room, where no light is falling on 14 days. On the 15th day you need to prepare a special mixture: 10 liters of cooled boiled water + half a kilogram of salt. This solution and pour the meat. Then this meat can be stored indoors at a temperature of from +10 to +15 to about 90 days.

Using this method, you can safely smoke the meat after four weeks. To do this, carefully wash the meat in cool water for about three hours, don’t forget to change the water. Hang the meat to dry for about 24 hours. In order to smoke meat, use a special smoke house or makeshift construction. Possible option to make the meat in a Russian stove and bath.

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