Recommendations how to hunt on horseback with dogs

Recommendations how to hunt on horseback with dogs

The horse at all times was not only a great vehicle, but also an indispensable tool for hunting, while transporting necessary equipment, and perform agricultural work. Hunting with horses is very convenient. Horse may become much more useful in the process of hunting with hounds or huskies. The only condition for the successful conduct such a hunt you can call it in pure or the island forests, interspersed with open spaces and meadows. These conditions provide more opportunities to capture prey, the hunter on horseback than on foot. Sitting on horseback you can even shoot at targets. But shooting horses is a very complex process, but those who do not have experience and adequate skill in this case, it is better to descend to the ground.

It is known that people who hunt on horse or camel always has more features than a walking hunter. It provides a number of additional benefits. The advantages of this hunt is the ability to bring a lot more baggage and products, so necessary in the process of hunting, a considerable increase in the speed of movement of the hunter, and the ability to move along with a running dog. Hunting on horseback with a dog is the most productive and exciting form of hunting. However, such a process always requires a much more lengthy and careful preparation.

Recommendations how to hunt on horseback with dogs

First of all, please note that the horse and the dog, these faithful helpers of man, have absolutely straight and nerazdelni to treat each other. First of all, it is necessary to conduct appropriate training for the dog and teach her to be able to walk on a long leash horses not to confuse the leash under her legs. The horse, in turn, should not be afraid of the dog, and try not to kick it while next. Almost always, when hunting is done with the use of or a camel or a horse, a hunter can take a dog in the saddle. Thus, the dog to obtain a lot more opportunities to see the goal from afar. For this it is advisable to train a dog to jump into the saddle, using as a support leg of the rider.

Hunting on horseback with hunting dogs, or hunting birds particularly widespread in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. For such purposes very often used Balaban and less falcons or eagles. On horseback, accompanied by hunting birds and hounds, extract of gazelles, hares and foxes. Naturally, for such a hunt, dogs, birds and horses, in advance learn to work in a team.

Special attention is paid to training the horse to hunt, which starts at least several months before the start of the season. During this time, the owners of animals to increase his physical activity, and adjusted to about 2-3 hours of active work per day. It should be noted that for hunting, mainly animals are not specialized breeds, and horses of local breeding, which during the year received a significant burden in the provision of assistance in the conduct of agricultural operations. The diet of the animal, in preparation for the hunt should be as diverse as possible, to contain sufficient amount of essential nutrients and vitamins. In the process of training the animal has deposited the required amount of energy in the form of fat.

In the steppes, in the hunt for chemotroph or snow, often use special horses that have already had the experience in the paddock of wolves and foxes. In order to make the shot from his horse, taking the reins in his right hand, the left take a gun put to my shoulder, then raise your right hand and make a shot. The reasons always remain in the hands of a hunter. But try to hold them as easily as possible.

A horse that is used for hunting, must have certain physical parameters. First of all, hunting horses need a healthy back, strong legs and the ability to closely follow the commands of the rider. Even at a quick gallop, the animal should quickly stop and go back, even on the very first team rider. Absolutely unsuitable for hunting will tolosana horse. In addition, the horse does not have to be afraid of shots and behave calmly even when loud and frequent shooting. Best of all, if the animal will have a live, but not a hot temper. The high horse may be uncomfortable for the hunter, but not even a very high animal, has primarily perfectly to take the barriers and overcome obstacles in the form of fallen trees, small fences and shallow ditches. In winter, when the snow and frost, a horse is very convenient to trail hares, while hunting for grouse with the entrance, you can safely go to Hoth in a small sleigh in which harnessed horses.

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