Recipes carp baits

Today I want to share with you five recipes of the most effective baits for catching carp and carp. They can be prepared at home by themselves. Cheese bait You will need one processed cheese and black bread crumbs. These two ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and from this dough make small balls. For fishing of fish of the carp family it is necessary to impose on the hook three ball. The lure of the potato Need to take a crumb of bread and boiled potatoes — all good knead very thoroughly to prevent it. In the resulting mush need to add a few drops of sunflower oil. From the resulting dough make small balls, not larger than a pea. This bait is very like the carp and carp. Corn bait. Corn kernels fill with water so that they were completely immersed in the liquid. It then needs to be put on fire, bring to a boil. Then corn in the same water left to stand overnight. By morning the grain will be soft and elastic. This is a very favorite «treat» carp and carp, while maize recovered from a hard hook. Wheat flour as bait. For this bait you need a normal wheat flour. From it it is necessary to prepare the dough is very steep). From the prepared dough need to form small balls that need to be fried in corn or sunflower oil. The lure of peas For making lure you need a pea, he is also very fond of carp. The peas should be cooked until ready, this will be enough for half an hour only to not get a mess. More do nothing. What to do if the pea is still digested? It can add to other baits, but not very much, about 20% of the total weight of the lure.

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