Recipe for the modern bait

The Foundation of bait are the breadcrumbs, as they perform the function of the skeleton. Moreover, they are a nutritional Supplement that’s attracting fish by means of smell. Of course, it is best to use for Foundation corn crackers, but if there are none, then ordinary bread or bread crumbs. If the store did not have bread crumbs, you will have to make them yourself. For this you need to mince the usual dry white bread and then fry in a skillet.

Bran for bait

A big plus bran, in contrast to crackers, is that they do not swell in water and do not stick together in clumps. The second advantage of bran is that, although fish and does not eat the bran, they create a very good turbidity, which attracted great attention of fish. Moreover, the meal from the bran is a wonderful flavor and at least a great nutritional component. For bait use mainly three types of cakes: sunflower, hemp, flax. The best cake is a cake made with your own hands. In order to prepare a good meal, you first have to fry the sunflower seeds and grind it in a blender or coffee grinder to a state of powder. This cake will give much more of a catch than a cake bought at the bait shop.

Animals supplements

Also in the bait and you can add all sorts of animals type: small maggots, chopped worm, chopped Carretera, Daphnia, chopped caddis or mayfly.

However, if you decided to add some animals to the bait, you should do it on the waterfront, in which you go fishing.

The weights for bait

To foods quickly went to the bottom or desired depth, you need to add some sand, clay or gravel.

Thickeners for bait

Thickeners are used to make the mixture more sticky consistency, which in the future will be to build a bait into a ball. This is done to ensure that the bait is not taken over or that she just crashed on the water surface. A typical thickening agent is flour. You can use a different flour, but the best fit for this oatmeal. So you have got an excellent oat flour, you should grind the flakes «Hercules» in a coffee grinder or mixer. Sugar — flavoring component of the bait, but an adhesive is able to substantially increase its viscosity.



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