Rates, or winter imitation fish

Rates, or winter imitation fish Most anglers prefer to catch large predators on winter imitation fish, i.e. live bait, as which can serve as caught in the same pond minnow or small roach of about 10-12 cm But osenat and pipe cleaners, pike and perch are caught worse.

To catch on a stationary imitation fish in the winter easier than summer, as the ice allows you to set the bait at any point of the reservoir. Sometimes a tackle is simply called the winter zhivcova rod. Common name winter zherlits — rate.

The back of bait fish gently pierce the hook to the back and let in the hole.

Equipment. Among various designs of Gerlich widely popular one of the simplest – in the form of a low pillar with a length of 30-40 cm, the middle of which is mounted a freely rotating spool on which is wound a 15— 20 m fishing line (several (2-3) times greater than the predicted depth at the fishing spot) with a diameter of 0.3—0.4 mm. the Lower end of the strut is set on the ice to the upper end of the strut is attached to a spring (in the form of a spiral or stripes) indicator, which can be bent to rest the other end in a coil of fishing line. At the end of the strip, which rests on the coil, stronger red cloth box (a pointer). In klonowska predator more than a handle to move the spool of the places in the released spring, and the box will fly up. At the end of the fishing line wear sliding sinker made of lead weighing 20-25 g and through the swivel attach a thin and flexible metal lead with a hook. Leash length — 15-20 cm, it is necessary to protect the fishing line from pike teeth. Winter pike activity is low, so many anglers on the leash is not set, limiting a thicker line, which the pike is not so afraid. The hooks used are different. This can be triple, double and single. Usually their size depends on the size of the bait. The most popular treble hooks No. 8.5 and a single # 10 domestic numbering.

Stand winter imitation fish performed not only from aluminum parts, but can be made of wood. First, even thin ice, it can be mounted in the mound of ice shavings from drilling the hole, wait until the chips are slightly will freeze slightly. In the scope of a imitation fish attached to a rectangular or oval plate of thin white plastic. It has an area with some margin should cover the hole. In its center there is a hole for fishing line, which in turn is slid through a special opening. A second hole located at the edge of a Desk set. Such imitation fish easy to install on any ice, while it still covers the hole.

Now on sale there is a good design rates on a folding tripod. No issues installing directly over the hole. This tripod is well used, frequent change of the fishing place. Fishing regulations prohibit the fitting of more than 10 Gerlich on one fisherman. Success fishing on imitation fish depends on concentration areas of predatory fish, and finding them usually allow the knowledge of the elevation of the reservoir bottom. Imitation fish are usually installed along the boundaries of underwater vegetation, in places of extreme depths, in the mouths of the deep bays and tributaries.

Fishing technique. Adjust the length of fishing line so that fish-baitfish was at a distance of 0.5 m from the bottom. When you bite on imitation fish not to strike immediately — in this case, you can just pull the bait from the pike suit. Usually, grabbing the bait, the pike keeps it in his mouth and sailed on some metres aside. The coil is attached to the hooks under the ice while rotating. By staying, pike begins to swallow the bait. Coil stops and fishing, wait a few seconds, makes cutting. Pike, even a very large, quite easy to reach in a standard hole. But after seeing the real danger she rests. Therefore, in order to get it, you have to use baharicom.

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