Rare fish – Podust

In the fresh waters of the rivers at the bottom is found a small fish – Podust. Fish collective, lives in flocks.

This rare fish is because not all fishermen know the routes of migration. If to identify them and fish them supportive of, the fishing provided a good catch.

The Podust it feeds on plant food, so look for it in the middle reaches, where there is vegetation. In shallow water it does not happen, leaves the centerline of the flow at depth is also possible to detect it in places where there his food.

Winter Podust no catches, believing that the fish are inactive. But there are fishermen who claim that on cold days, Podust just changes in the floodplain near the summer places of residence.

Winter Podust very sensitive and careful. Catching should be in the jig, and reel it in at any touch to it. The fishing is varied, can bite continuously, and then really stop to grab the nozzle. Patience fisherman will have to be hefty.

It is not necessary to do some actions yield. The fish will be scared and hesitant will lead the flock from dangerous places.

Lure of the wells is not necessary. If the fish feels full of charms, she will go on vacation. The only bait that little bit will keep the fish is the breadcrumbs.

With the beginning of the thaw, you can try to catch Podust on a crank, sometimes he rewards the patient fisherman with a good catch.

With the arrival of spring, Podust spawning begins. He himself at that period a cannibal, because it eats already the eggs of their relatives. Because it can be found in very large numbers, Podust always full, so the fishermen don’t go looking for the bait.

At the end of the spring Podust begins to rest from spawning, the bite becomes more active. To come he would need in the morning or evening dawn. Pack this fish (sometimes up to hundreds of individuals) vigorously eats at a depth of up to two and a half meters.

Not to run for Podust throughout the County, you can try to hold it. For this you need to find Parking fish, and plant above this place clumps of buckwheat – a favorite bait for Podust. You can use, of course, the traditional Motyl and the worm or buy technoplant. It is not recommended to use prepared for the last fishing of the grain.

In order to catch and easily pull the Podust, the bait need to get strong, because the fish reaches a little more than a pound of weight. Then you need to consider that Podust very nimble and strong fish.

Fishing line must be strong enough, the float necessary cone shape, hook choose in accordance with the size of the intended fish, and have shipped several.

Because of Podust have to drag almost from the bottom, you need a bait that moves along the bottom. As a tackle you can take not only float, but also the Donk. Stick should be ant eggs, maggots, and worm.

To some extent, to deceive the fish, the bait must be laid in the clay, taken from the pond where the fish lives.

The Podust not attractive in appearance, and is only good in the ear, but catching this fish gives an unforgettable experience and checks the nerves of the fisherman to the test. It is considered a fish of mystery.

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