Quail,the area of residence and habits,what you need to know for hunting dog

Quail – ground representative of birds, exceptional mobility and relatively small size. The specifics of his flight easily distinguished among many others – he is flying low, swift and straightforward. The basis of their diet – seeds of wild plants, cereals (preference is given to buckwheat and millet), «respect», they are the seeds of clover. Not hard to guess that hunts quail are most productive in their places of cultivation. The greatest activity these birds find on the sun and on summer nights, a day of quail trying to hide in tall grass or thickets of weeds. At the beginning of may and the first half of July, the birds starts the marriage season during which you can often watch night games males, called «fights».

Hunting quails with nets at this time is prohibited, because there is a high probability to capture a network of female. Quail Chicks fledge 10-12 days after hatching, and two weeks later are already making timid attempts to pereporhnut. With the onset of autumn quail are actively increasing the fat, so to avoid oiling of nets and loss of prey presentation, the carcass is recommended to hang it with neck toroko. The hunting season for quail begins in August, after the harvest of crops. In this period production can be found on unharvested fields where the quail spends most of the day and the hunter an opportunity to approach very closely. Often for hunting quail use of gundogs.

Great for all spaniels, are distinguished by good sense, love of the hunt. Great benefit the dog and in finding wounded game. However, be aware that hunting in the period when the sun is at the Zenith, not happy with the result – this time the quails lie in the tall grass, escaping the heat, it is more efficient to start fishing in the morning and continue into the evening hours. For those who do not respect hunting with your four-legged assistant, it is possible to recommend the method of fishing, called «rope». The essence of the method is the fastening of a cord belt two hunters running parallel to, and bind to the middle rope cans, which chases birds. Unfortunately, hunting for quail, more often than not has a sporting interest takes on the character of the barbaric mass ejection, which significantly impacts the population of birds.

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