Produced the bear with bait

A favorite pastime of the Russian hunter – bear hunting. Shoot recommend, or when the animal emerges from the den, or when it is in it. In the pasture, kicking out and hunters stick together. But kicking out is important to raise the bear and force him to leave the asylum, and the hunters should not hesitate and to shoot quickly.

The bear is one of the most dangerous animals, because without proper experience or support experienced hunters, beginners better for him not to go. We must remember that while hunting for this animal important in the first place speed and confidence. Hunting is mainly used driven approach. Raids are held either large or small, in which the shooter is located about a hundred meters from the den. To find a bear on the trail is not always easy. Most bears sleep early as you build up a sufficient layer of fat. But sometimes (in lean years) the bear goes to sleep much later, as falls the first snow, and the footprints in the snow it is much easier to find.

Produced the bear with bait

To arrange a bear hunt recommend in the second half of winter. Basically kicked the bear out of the den specially trained dogs. Mainly use for purposes such curses. Finishing in the right place, the hunters despise them. Another way to lure the bear to move into the den a long pole. In the fall allowed to hunt bear. Already without dogs is not enough. They help hunt down the bear and hold him until the hunter gets to the desired distance and is comfortable for a good shot position. You can lure the bear to the bait. For example, for oats.

Still need to build a shelter at a safe distance from the lure, but it is convenient for the shot (e.g., tree). Important: to arrange a hunt better at night. Night and the hunter less visible, and if the night of the lunar animal from the tree to the ground will be clearly visible and comfortable to shoot. You need to shoot only in case of good visibility, otherwise the bear can be killed immediately and it will have to finish manually (e.g. with a knife). Slaughter places the bear has a head or a place under the paw.

Other types of baits in addition to oats are: honey, berries, fruit, meat and fish. In the autumn the bear is easier to catch vegetable lure, because at this time of year before hibernation, the animal vitaminiziruet. Find the animal easier on the meadows or swamps. In the spring it is easier to find where ramson, roots of plants or anthills.

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