Preparing for winter fishing.

Fishing is one of the most popular and favorite pastimes for millions of people who are not only seeking to satisfy their ambitions of a fisherman, but also a sense of harmony, enjoy nature, its beauty and , of course, peace of mind.

Many go fishing to feel the hot excitement and special flavor of life.

And these feelings are available not only to professionals but also to beginners. In this field, it never hurts to learn and improve to master new skills a professional feel. To become a real fisherman, you need to pass all stages of development, which begin with a complete study of all available and accessible information in this area. Start by browsing reviews on forums or consult the special literature and reference books.

Fully immersed in the theme, you will understand that winter fisherman has a special appeal to her, the fishermen are special and very kind. It is necessary to prepare carefully and to take care of the boxes, collect and pack all the things, to determine the carrier and more. Preparing for a fishing trip, have to learn a lot, including in the selection of special equipment. It is impossible without things, among them – comfortable and warm clothes, ice pick, you use to cut a hole and most importantly – gear, without which you can not do.

Your rod should have a quality rod with a good fishing line that is particularly durable, with hook and bobber or jig. The lightness and durability of the rod are his main qualities. When you strike a fish, the rod not only to adequately support its weight, but not too bend under the weight. Regarding the fishing line, there are also special requirements, including quality, ease, grace, stealth, and most importantly – strength.

Aiming to catch a big fish, you should choose a thicker line, and Vice versa – for small fish fishing line thinner. But here you need to consider the features of masking, which is extremely important for the success of fishing. In this case, you must choose a transparent fishing line that the fish will not notice or colored line plots in different colors.

Don’t forget about float. This is the most important element in your fishing which will signal a bite. His main qualities – lightness, so that he was constantly kept on the surface of the water, and the sensitivity of its required quality, ensuring immediate response to the interest of the fish to the bait. For winter fishing hooks a good number two or four, for that element of your equipment is important acuity, which ensures that the potential catch will remain hooked. A lot of other nuances is a Supplement to your lessons in winter fishing, and the recommendations mentioned above should be the basis of your strategy that provides a successful venture called «winter fishing»

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