Preparing baits for carp

Many fishermen prefer purchase small marbles baits used to attract carp. Due to the complexity of their manufacture. But this problem is far-fetched. A little preparation and patience will further ensure a good catch.

First you need to summarize the experience of specialists of fishing and choose any boilie recipe, test it to certain reservoirs and to draw the appropriate conclusions. In technical terms, the angler will need powerful and roomy electrotextiles fryer with a mesh of stainless steel wire. Instead used private hands able to download from the prepared forcemeat small balls. To prepare soluble and quite realistic in a saucepan with the use of colander. There are many ways and methods to make this a great bait.

Special attention is paid to the purchase of products and their freshness. Eggs are selected with bright egg yolk, corn is the last crop. Hemp, corn and wheat are often treated with pesticides is strictly prohibited to fish, so buying them is the poultry markets. Flavors are purchased pastry, and supplements are purchased in pharmacies. The preparation of baits should be conducted in a clean place, better in the kitchen. Utensils and hands thoroughly washed neutral means no smell.

First, measure out bulk ingredients and mix them in a dry container. Grains are ground in a coffee grinder. Hemp pre-calcined in a skillet. Separately to the liquid egg mix, flavoring, colorant, flavoring and salt for preservation. Per kilogram of dry components need about 8-10 eggs. The resulting liquid can not down, as future boilie will float on the water surface. Knead the dough with the gradual addition of the liquid phase. The oilcloth and the hands pre-lubricated with sunflower oil without smell. The batch is considered successful, when the composition is well behind the hands.

Now rolled small balls of a caliber of 0.3 cm and smaller. This is a painstaking process and takes time. Prepared baits are boiled in boiling water for 1.5-2 hours depending on the mass. The finished products are dried for 6-8 hours. Store protein balls in the refrigerator and use at the right time. Stock such bait should be stock, but too many make it not worth it — spoiled.

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