Prepare the lure for fishing

The avid fisherman knows that the best friend and companion on fishing is a good proven bait.

Remember that solid foods should not feed the fish, but only to call, to tease this place. And the main should be the bait that will fish the most tasty treat.

How often and what portions to lure the catch depends on the flow of water as far as bite and clear water. No need to constantly and in large chunks to throw the lure into the water because the fish should be hungry, you will percorrete and then all fishing, the catch may not be at all.


Each species of fish has its own taste, you need to know what fish are in this pond. Lure better to stock up in advance to cook everything else at home, his mother a good supply.

How to prepare the bait

You got good bait, we need to be able to properly prepare. You need to consider what it will be, it is very important how many, how good its taste are all parts of successful fishing. Stash each fisherman has a proven recipe very delicious and aromatic mixture. If you know a few of these recipes, it will be another advantage in your fishing practice.

Also simple fishermen prepare bait from ready-made porridges and boiled potatoes, boiled beans and add to the flavor. When the lure is cooked, leave for 2 minutes to stand up.

The lure is a mixture of dry components which are connected by water. Water has great value as foods, but rather, the amount in dry mix. Its excess or deficiency can turn your lure with the «Goodies» in the obscure wastes, which will lie on the river bottom, it will be available to the fish. If you want to cook the perfect texture, you need to fold it from top to bottom, breaking all the lumps, to make it all homogeneous.

The finished mixture can be identified by the following features:

— the lure should become viscous;

-all its components do not fall apart, not melt, if you squeeze the ball;

-does not stick to hands.

But this is only the first step – then you need to prepare from a mixture of balls you will throw into the water for feeding fish. To lure given effect, make it a small size necessarily in the form of a ball, it should not fall apart if dropped in a pond, instantly sink to the bottom and melt into the water.

The composition of the bait

Remember that your lure will not feed the fish, he should draw it to your bait. You should know in advance what the fish you are going and what she loves. The most popular components of lure is:

— a variety of dry fillers;

— substances that enhance the taste and aroma;

components that will attract a catch;

— food base.

Dry fillers and thickeners

Already from the name it is clear why these components are needed in order to stabilize the weight, all these substances occupy more than half of the entire mass. In most cases, use the breadcrumbs, semolina, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, sesame seeds, corn grits. If semolina, corn, oatmeal is used in large doses, the seeds and the sesame seeds add a little, because they have a lot of fat and they can emerge. All the other ingredients easy to use in the bait before introduction into the mass necessary to grind, to splinter in water.

Amplifiers of taste and smell

Avid fisherman uses the normal popular food flavors, which nearly every housewife, even for the novice: vanilla, garlic, cinnamon and other powder seasonings. The most popular amplifier is the vanilla, it is always available at any time of the year and inexpensive.

Fish is very sensitive to odors even at great distances. A lot of flavors – they all have a specific smell, but be aware that it will attract the fish or not. Nicer than the smell of your bait, the greater the likelihood that fish will be near you.


This is the basis of the whole mass, which cannot be replaced, this attracts fish and keeps it near the bait, so that she was looking for sweets. Based on using small maggots, cut butterflies, worms, and various shellfish. The main thing – not the kind of food, and its quantity.

Attract substances

Those components, which are very close with the fish menu, but they easily dissolve in the water. Powdered milk, blood, egg powder is the appropriate components. Receptors fish catch likely delicious substances in the water, fish don’t eats and begins to search for food and, in the end, comes to your bait.

Some anglers come to the place of fishing in advance and dropped the bait before fishing. This they call the fish on the fishing spot and stimulate her appetite. Remember: during the fishing you need to spoil the bait, and all fishing time it can harden.

Don’t do the bait tastier the bait, the whole fishing will go down the drain, the fish just eat and swim away.


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