Preparation of vegetable baits

The use of plant baits guarantees a great catch. And all thanks to their diversity: not one bite, will bite on another. Many fishermen may not hesitate to call with half a dozen vegetable nozzles that they always take fishing.


There are in the plant lures another plus with their billet never have problems. But the nozzles of an animal origin, this does not say: that worm in the ground there because of the long drought, the maggots did not deliver to the store, the Joker did not live to see the morning.

To plant good bait attracted the fish, it must be properly prepared. This is what will be discussed.


For fishing it is better to use wrinkled, not split peas. Cook it in an old nylon stocking. You need to pour 3 cups of peas, tie the stocking to a weak node and drop it in boiling water. Preferably cook on a slow fire. From time to time (as boiling) will have to pour hot water. The tank shall be closed with a lid so that the peas are well steamed. It is very important to control the entire process, otherwise the contents of the stockings may burn. Readiness is checked in the following way: first a pea need to squeeze your fingers right through the nylon, if it is cooked, gently dangerous. Removed from pans stocking should not start until you drain the water and peas to cool a little.

For fishing take only one piece of a pea, and flattened or destroyed will become a component of the lure.

Someone asks: why all this trouble with the stocking? It does not allow the peas to turn into a thick pea soup. Future catch prefers exclusively porridge and soups somehow ignores.


Pearl barley is different. Suitable for fishing first issue, that is, the largest, and the second and third rooms are suitable only for bait. Cereals should be boiled for 10 minutes, after which it must drain and rinse with cold water. Manipulation is repeated three times. Every time 10 minute cooking, uzivanie and rinsing. This method of cooking allows you to get rid of adhesive Vara and get a little hardish on the inside of the grains.

When the barley is ready, it is put on spread out newspaper or a sheet of paper – let cool down. So grains do not stick together, it is recommended to lightly water them with sunflower oil.


Before placing semolina in a pan, first into the boiling water you need to add a few drops of sunflower oil. Because of this bait will not stick to hands. Cook porridge long, the mixture will thicken very quickly, and you need time to remove it from the fire. The next stage is very important. Porridge you must knead in the hands as soon as her temperature begin to afford. The result is a resilient ball which is not sticky and a little bounce from the table in the fall. It is easy to pinch off small pieces and roll balls for heads.


Most anglers cook millet for bait, but it is possible to prepare and nozzle. It is best to take fresh wheat collected in the current year. First, it was washed in cold water, and then boiled. Cook until fully cooked. Then thoroughly RUB it in any convenient dish, until you have a dough. Wheat dough is placed in a linen bag, tie tightly and pressed with a heavy object on top, lay a piece of plywood. The dough has cooled, pressed and will be similar to a conventional processed cheese. Now it can be easily cut into small cubes.

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