Preparation of bait for carp fishing

Fishing for carp is very exciting activity and can be done almost all year round. Just coming off the ice and starts the biting of this fish. Karp, a well – known fish, some specimens can be quite impressive.

The success of carp fishing depends on many factors. Crucial correctly prepared bait. She rushes to advance to the pond to fish prepaymania to the planned place. If the pond many fishermen, bait thrown into the water directly in front of her angling.

In other cases, it is convenient to feed the carp at the same time that it used to scheduled an hour feeding and have found a favorite food here. So, throwing the bait in the morning and evening, you can train it to go outside of school time.


In preparing the bait it is better to avoid monotonous composition. Fishermen’s opinions in this matter differ. Some believe that it is better to feed what would like to fish. Others believe that the nozzle needs to be tastier than the bait. It is better if the bait will consist mainly of not very tasty food, and delicious — will be a small part of it.

She ought to throw the food or else it is possible to overfeed the fish and they will not pay on the nozzle. Bait must be fresh. The main supply should be where you will be fishing. Some anglers believe that the food bright colors attracts fish.

Bait plant origin is natural (various grains and seeds in natural form) and artificial (various cereals, bread, etc). Worst bait is oats and rye. Corn attracts small specimens of carp, and big ones just ignore it. To the bite was a good grain it is necessary to soar. Because of this, they taste better and acquire a strong smell to attract fish from a distance. You can throw the steamed corn is still warm.

The best recipe for carp bait can be considered next. Soaked for a day of grain. They are then put in a pan, pour a little water, cover with lid and boil. Then kept in the oven for one to two hours. It turns out very much swollen grain is intact, not broken skin. Rice and barley are the best baits.

The success of carp depends on the used nozzles. There are a wide variety. The nozzle can be of vegetable and of animal origin. Different grains can be used not only as foods but also as the nozzle. This is usually placed on the hook at the 2-3 grain. Less common attachment is the bread which the carp takes not very happy. You can catch carp on pureed potatoes, after mixing it with bran. Catch also the pieces of pumpkin and plums, cut into cubes, cucumbers and cherries.

Animals tips for catching carp are used less frequently than the vegetable. But in ponds where more vegetable food, the carp have responded to animal bait very readily. Red earthworms are the most common animal head. Manure worms for carp is not very good bite. Not worth the sting of the hook completely hidden in the head, need it to be flush with the surface of the nozzle, and felt with a finger. If the sting is completely hidden under a thick worm hook with the hooking can slip the mouth of the fish, not caught. A good nozzle is a maggot, which nasazhivajut on a hook for 3-7 pieces.

When fishing in unfamiliar places should not be forgotten that the same fish in different water bodies have different habits and favorite food. To a stranger the nozzle and the bait is still necessary to accustom the fish itself. For that purpose it is useful to open the fish to find out what food she has loved.


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