Preparation masterki

Mastyrka firmly entrenched in the lives of all anglers. It can be used from early spring to the frost, and the idea of creating such a nozzle is rightfully Kiev anglers.

There are many ways of cooking masterki, but they are all in different situations have their pros and cons. The warm season has a detrimental effect on its properties: it’s coarse, covered with a solid crust, maybe even sour, which makes it unusable.

This method of cooking, partially devoid of these shortcomings, even in hot weather, it lasts for days. The fishing bait into the water, turns into a fluffy ball, very attractive to fish that holds its shape.

The basis masterki part welded to a paste of the peas. Because this work is time consuming – the process can be simplified, but not to spoil the quality of the original product should be done very carefully.

Split peas (100g) should be transformed into flour using a coffee grinder and pour in boiling water. With this method of cooking pea porridge comes to readiness in 15 minutes. Importantly, the nozzle is not burnt and was not very thick. Holding a container of peas on low heat, it is necessary to add semolina, but you have to remember that you should constantly stir the slurry. The number of decoys is determined in the process of cooking. Thus, due out plastilinovaya prefabricated masterki.

When semolina is fully swell, the hot mixture should be spread on clean and dry table or Board. While the semifinished product is hot, it must be well knead by hand until it has cooled – this is the main secret of its elasticity. To avoid damage to the skin of the hands hot dough, you can protect them with cotton gloves.

The resulting mass is necessary to add one bit (1ch. l) sunflower oil (unrefined) and the same amount of honey. Then the mixture was re-knead, roll into ball, wrap ready mastyrka in natural cotton fabric.

In the process of fishing mastyrka should be stored in a shaded place. Then it will be easy to give shape to the beads that will contribute to the long holding on the hook and not rascislau in the water. With proper preparation, this bait will bring great pleasure from the process of fishing.

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