Preparation for winter fishing on sprat

Catch walleye at any time of the year can rightly be considered one of the most exciting and interesting because to be able to outwit, need to study the habits, habitats, learn how to stick to the chosen bait on the hook. It is noticed that in the winter fishing for pike on sprat combines the advantages of fishing on natural as well as artificial bait. Sprat in this case, it is possible to take fresh or frozen. And hence problems with its storage will not occur, in contrast to many difficulties in storing live bait.

Another positive aspect of such fishing is a natural attraction to the pike odour, improves the efficiency of the passive capture of a predator in the cold season.

The search space of walleye fishing in the winter.

Success in fishing for pike in the winter on sprat in the first place depends on the right choice for future fishing. Experienced anglers always have their favorite places, seen even in the summer. Pike lives in ponds with clean water and with little silting of the bottom. Kept this fish, mainly in the areas of sharp changes of depths, the shallows, in the deep pits. It can often be seen under the driftwood or around them.

Walleye is a nocturnal fish, and thus begins to feed at night. So to catch him after sunset is advised in the shallows. Not superfluous to arm themselves with sonar, with which you can easily find the coveted differences in depth.

If fishing takes place in an unknown body of water, it is advisable to check with local fishermen about the features of the flow. The predator prefers fast current, as well as places in which the change in flow velocity.

The choice of gear for catching walleye in the winter.

Going fishing, to arm themselves by spinning a length of 1 m equipped with large capacity rings and the soft inertia reel with a good brake. The rod is better to choose high hardness as to penetrate the mouth of a predator, should be drastic cutting. With soft sweeps rods are lubricated, so the fish ladder increase.

Fishing rod for catching the coveted predator must be equipped with a small strap. It is better to take the line of a thickness not exceeding 0,35 mm, with a polymer coating. Leashes it is advisable to choose medium size (length about 5 cm), otherwise the fish will bite the line, will not fully rise to the bait.

For walleye fishing in winter, sprat advised to use only one rod (some gear can only be used for the detection of a predator at the beginning of the fishing). The choice of fishing tactics should be stopped or active play bait, or alternations of active games on pause.

Sprat for bait you can use live, or buy frozen in the store. The main condition – the size of the bait should not exceed 5 cm and the carcass should be firm and not collapse when pushed on the hook.

Methods of inserting the anchovy to Zander.

How sprat would be impaled on the hook — not so important. But a few subtleties still exist. If fishing occurs on the river, then sprat it is better to spread across the body. So she is going to play more vigorously. If used for fishing hard lure bait is best to catch by the tail or head. And if fishing is carried out on 2-hooking lures, sprat is better to impose a semicircle. The latter method is good when there is a lot of «empty» bites, or whitebait breaks right at the hook after several freezing and thawing. The use of such bait is undesirable, but not always, the angler will be able to replace it when fishing. For the predator, however, the freshness of the anchovy does not matter.

If we talk about the game bait, then it is necessary to proceed by trial and error. To predict what the bite will be completed successfully, is simply unrealistic. So, more effective is to alternate a variety of methods of play, and after another bite to make certain conclusions. Cuttings need to pursue as actively as possible to the hook entered as deeply into the jaws of a predator. And be sure to bring your hook, which will be helpful in pulling the trophy out on the ice.

Common mistakes.

The main mistake in fishing for pike in the winter on sprat is considered to be the choice of very large baits. However, at high activity of fish, or large sizes of the intended trophy this error is smoothed. Otherwise, after a couple of bites on the hook will only cut on a few pieces of whitebait. Perfect length baits up to 5 cm.. a sprat easily swallow the perch of medium size and larger instance hardly her disdain.

Another common mistake is to attempt using a large number of hooks to increase the number of bites. They will undoubtedly be more, but if you loose the hooks will cling to the ice, the fish ladder will also increase.

Walleye can be caught on a sprat not only in the winter.

Anyway, preparation for winter fishing for sprat is a great opportunity to test their skill and luck in severe frosty conditions.

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