Preparation for winter fishing lure

In winter, the trolling is so strong and swift fish like perch was and still is popular and widespread in many Russian regions. For winter fishing walleye ice good spinners type «Vlasov», «Luck», «Zander», «Nurse» etc. Like Zander lures ash borer, plan slowly with small fluctuations.

Look for walleye fishing in winter trolling

On the pond when you search for predator choose wide search. Select the direction along or across the lake or river, and are drilled every 40 to 50 m. after Making the hole, produce a dozen strokes with a spoon, and if nothing, move on, noticing the depth on this hole according to the number of turns of the coil.

Primarily looking for a curb, but each hole carefully exploit the intrigue awaits any. If a fisherman found a promising side, in this case there are two options: go along the edge of the widely swarles before the first bite or go directly to the short step is making a hole in 5-6 m and to find already microperimetry depths, driftwood, rocks. Sometimes, it is useful to immediately start fishing, making the short distance between holes. For example, if you have any known underwater hill on the upper edges of which often can sometimes be active Zander exit. But usually it lasts no more than 30 minutes, and the time of day unstable. So if biting is not present, to sit point makes no sense, and briefly start blesnet on the flanks of this hill and often the predator stands at the foot of the drop off, he often just inactive, and, in this case, no ulovistye device than a banal «toss under the nose.» And so can the whole day to get perch on these mounds, in such places, the bite is almost always.

Preparation for winter fishing lure

Gear used without the «bells and whistles», a nod does not always, the walleye bite is often tough and gives excellent in the hand. The game spinner is easier to control the tip and the line. To the fishing line is perfectly visible when the decoy goes away and when it returns.

The spoon lowered to the bottom, lift 5-10 cm are easy to sway up to 20 centimetres, and then released on the source. In General, the classic Zander the game is a simple upgrade, reset, pause. If over the precipitous Bank overhanging bushes, it is a gorgeous place for fishing in the winter. Under water is often a lot of branches and roots, where he likes to settle a large perch. Vertical fishing in such places in the winter reduces the likelihood of a hook, and you can safely point to handle such areas. Ice option gives you the opportunity to thoroughly study the geometry of these cramp and then confidently to sh them in the period of open water. Furthermore with success it is possible to catch walleye on the balancer in the winter.

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