Practical tips on how to hunt grouse

Grey partridge hunting is very exciting. Success depends on knowledge of the habits of this bird and a good orientation on the ground.

Inhabits partridge in the forest, loves the ravines, overgrown with bushes. Often it can be found in close proximity with human habitation and cultivation.

She conducts a ground way of life, runs great, but not bad flies, not lifting high above the ground with a characteristic noise. The hunter it is important to note that disturbed gray partridge usually flies in a straight line and not far (500 m).

Except during mating (in may), this bird is almost all the time keeps a small flock. The Chicks appear somewhere in the middle of June. Young develops quickly. Until the end of summer grown partridges to distinguish from adults only on the remaining feathers of the first cover. Finally molt is completed in the second half of September.

At early dawn the brood goes to the place of feeding. During the meal, behave nervously, raking and clucking just like chickens. From time to time, gathering in a pile, flock peredergivaete to a new location. This happens around ten in the morning, after which tabunok flies for a day’s rest, and in the evening again flies to feed to thick of dusk.

Hunting for partridge may be delayed for a day. The bird in the hot afternoon hours excellent withstand dog stand, so experienced hunters prefer to shoot grey partridges at this time of day.

The later autumn, the stricter behaves partridge. The hunter is harder, and therefore more interesting, to get birds. In October, in a field makes sense to go only with seasoned and Callisto dog. Well established spaniels who work with the West and make a stand, comfortable for the shot, on the side opposite from the hunter.

By the way, experts advise not to hunt on a partridge with peroralnyj cops, as the bird has a habit of running long before a dog too exciting for her.

Raised a flock of partridges should try to dispel, to disperse across, with a single bird the dog is more efficient than the whole pack. While the pointer is in the rack, an experienced hunter seek to describe the semicircle and go towards a running quail. Birds lie, and then spread like a fan.

You need to shoot without hesitating, shot №7,8, making the warnings on the rapid speed of bird flight.

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