Practical shooting

Practical shooting is a kind of shooting sports. In Russia, this sport appeared relatively recently, and he came from California where there in the early 50-ies.

The Philippine island of Cebu hosted the participants of the competitions on practical shooting. For the first time Russia participated in the competitions. The championship was attended by over 750 people and exactly 52 countries. Most participants made their own weapons, and most interestingly, makes about 1500-200 rounds during one training session. Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation are very few appropriate weapons for such a championship. The minimum acceptable caliber — 9X19 Parabellum. Russian weapons contains a less powerful cartridges.

The most common caliber among the participating representatives have a pistol 40S & W. after seeing weapons such as CZ, Tanfogio, Glock, Am scor, Taurusihk and many other well-known brands.

If we consider the domestic manufacturers, the most appropriate is the gun of brand «Viper».

In the Championship on practical shooting had the most participants from countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, France and, of course, the Philippines.

The competition lasted five days, during which the participants had to cope with various situations of fire exposure, which consists of 35 exercises. Every day was presented at the 7 exercises, which were based on certain rules:

— safety for participants, spectators and judges;

— a large variety of situations similar to real events;

— equality in the assessment of accuracy, speed and power.

Practical shooting

All the participants were divided into three categories:

— «Standard category — members that use the serial pistols, which are issued in the amount of not less than 500 pieces a year;

— «Modified» — pistols, which the Assembly is placed in a special container, which has dimensions 225h150h45 mm.;

— The «open category» guns with improvements that fit the rules of IPSC.

Russia was in the category «Standard».

The best shot is determined in the following manner: of the total number of shots is selected best 2, the resulting sum is divided by the time, this is the power arrow.

First place in the category «Standard» has taken the American representative Michael Voight. In the Open category it was the Frenchman Eric Graffel, in the category «Modified» party of the Czech Republic Pavel Jasansky.

Russia was in the first half of the list.

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